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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Inspired ~ Excerpt ~ I Am Program ~

I think I see well past most others peripheral vision because, like eyes behind my head I have seen many with more faces, acting far more obtuse behind my back and not to me, to my face, than my vision is known or understood or even possibly able to behave, yet I know I am correct as many times I have blocked things, flying object bent wth intent, by hand just before striking me, or caught things when others would swear I never looked. Yet, some, even with "fair warning" such as now, and still, have consistently proven yourself only fools to my face so unknowingly, ... so yeah,... most definitely not friend,... and yet still you think I do not see.

Now in wait, you sit as I watch just what it is of karma and of Faith I have witnessed time and time again... of what it is that will indeed like others before and countless after to have come to know, which faithfully and naturally like clockwork never fails to smote all wrongs upon each us all.

These are often times of notifications and sensor and camera warnings and checking footage, as we still call it all the centuries later still, and because this use to have to be made with liquids and plastics and corrosives and now there is nothing anymore. Even the industrial side of these equations is 100% Green now too, We have zero waste when we have factories build everything we need inside of large collectors that took, again centuries, to build.

We are a solid foundation you can trust to always self-tune out against the ill-principled within.You know like they still say, call it Karma, call it what you will, it exists anyway you say it, see it, or understand it !...We are clans of old lore from lands of long ago, sentinels always and still solid and strong, sentinels always, guarding against all wrong.

That's what you call inspired I guess!

I Am Program ~ Inspired ~ Excerpt