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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Toxic Wild Wide Open World

When your body is full of toxins, as in poisoned, a bug, the environment, an accident, ad infinitum... how do you suspect the body will rid what it can of these contaminants once broken down in whatever way our body may be able to accommodate that metabolic process on any non-food items.

Meaning... just the internal systems food uses more or less, essentially?

What if the radioactive particles so small they are bound forget within wreaking havoc forever for the poor contaminated souls of nuclear disasters.

I once skied near three mile island. You could see the reactor core from the top of the mountain. I've been to many mountain tops but that's one that's made me think internally deep and long.  For a long long time something seems far wrong compared to just my back having broken, and ribs,band gout... given time and clean fuel these resilient machines can heal, to varying degrees.

So, something is just off. The aches are do deep and bad and all day, the pains odd, other anomalies but you know... Tests are fine in normal regards indicating all systems go beyond what's trashed already !!! (Just my spine, thank you allopurinol I think overall huge healing... Best day yesterday in over 10 years maybe !!! After a horrid winter I trudged through barely at times... Honestly. Two spider bites, close to pneumonia once, stomach flu, regular flu, colds, gout, other assorted injuries, 7 stitches somewhere, and I'm ready for round 2 ;) I just finished Amoxicillin and I have a polyp in my throat on my larnyx and I'm waiting for a referral soon ... And incredibly yesterday was the best I have been able to sing, all of a sudden, in over a decade perhaps. That doesn't mean much to you all !!! Lol... Buy it sure does to me ;) I'll keep my windows up !!!

On the great side, I'm healing, I've lost 60 lbs !!! All of my pants fall off me...

I'm in desperate need of new clothing. USED IS OK !!! I've got no pride, a 32w and 30 inseam and size medium  shirts. Large are fine too. I'm no longer 5'9" I'm 5'6.8", having list another .2 of an inch in height due to spinal disentigration, so come see me soon before I disappear, I'm a busy bee !!! Lol

My inflammatory markers were elevated and that's the first time they ever tested positive.

At 49 it's time to check the old engine out and diagnosis and treatment everything. The tooth pulled a few months ago has also made a massive difference too.

We have to take advantage of our modern medical care and treat ourselves well and take care if things as fast as they happen and find balance and sanity and not overly treat ourselves as well. Drs perform operations for nothing and over prescribe at epidemic levels. The greed in their profession is rampant and it's a shame to so many honorable mention and women in the field of medicine.

Due diligence is each our own to perform and today their is no record to not have done so thoroughly. The average man can educate the self today veto dvwgat many Drs would have been able to know and understand just decades ago as information is all around us, now more than ever, know your sources angels,big any, on every topic. It's a wide, wild, world and a lot of folks will take advantage of you if they think they can !!!

So of the body detoxifying, given that grace, thank the Lord, of which ways could you ponder not yet understood or known to man past sweat or typical expulsion / secretion / etc., etc., etc.

It's spring and I'm thinking berries and melons and fresh spring mountain cold water. Vinison and wild ramps, grain fed beef and guinea fowl, farm fresh cheeses from whole milk an natural ingredients and all natural Greek yogurt, smart healthy purposeful servings, and a weight this animal body I possess can maintain. It's been run hard and put away wet as the saying goes,band my ass us whooped.

I'm thinking about the healing side of things, detoxifying, and nourishing perfectly and well chocolate, of course !!!

So, what are your thoughts ? Too close to that nuclear plant Three Mile Island ? Too many x-rays ? I bet it's 100 !!!