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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Heaven Exists (Part 2) ~ I Am John Still~ I Am Program

and with Part 2 ,where the crow is laughing outside of my window right now right on time and it's with the irony and at the same time I was writing and he was laughing I was thinking within myself to not end with something else I wanted to write with... And I returned here and write this where this edit is added after I've written the end below which ends with I am program. This whole thing is so ironic, isn't it?
Think about we go to bed I have some program that runs as well were sleeping when we wake up and for the most part, a lot of us do it all over and over and over again... and for who? Then one day after all this work and after all this planning even for take perfect care of ourselves that just happens it's in the programming it's in the telomeres we just don't wake up. I'm talking about that's the ones of us that we're really really really really good too goody two shoes ucky lucky ones. Not the ones that partied hard core or drink a glass of wine every night thinking how healthy it is for them not realizing it's causing cirrhosis because well just study the nation for that's the truth. The healthiest Hearts often are complemented with the worst livers. And trust me just for our niece sake you know I watched my own mother died of non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver which is called primary biliary cirrhosis to be specific and the irony is she dies of a heart attack. My mother was an artist she passed away on Shakespeare's birthday.
That one is quite difficult to quantify also.
we pick which was sarcasm cuz it just seems that people around here don't get that too well up in these mountains. Seems to me like people don't think straight around here too well because people are under pressure all the time and when my French side flares up and I am sarcastic around these parts I am very often misunderstood or down south everybody laughs problem is by the time it's too late, well it's too late.
Not too many lessons have an echo.
It's time to pay my dues and balance those theoretical scales within and make an internal peace as I drift towards building a home I can enjoy.
Project Adam and Eve is almost the same as thinking of this as a human seed bank and we would not have to have just two but definitely some genuine way to have in the lab incubation and and specifically timed fertilzation.
We can already print tissue and stripped out cells that will accept the DNA that we placed within them and so we can grow even tissue at this point so it just may be that we design our own in the lab organ for the purpose of birthing so that these vessels which would be made up something super strong but very stable on the inside would definitely bear life once they found what was that they were designed to look for and that was the perfect place for life to survive.
I will further tell you more about the entire automated craft.
Did you just feel that? That flutter it was like a wave that was when they turn the machine on. We have been learning a lot just from watching it. Each year he gets worked on and build larger and better and with these breakthroughs I absolutely believe that time travel will take place and if it's not something drastic such as swaying to the Past because maybe that past can't repeat itself maybe it can be far into the future very quickly in the short amount of time so that another planet for our species is not something that is out of the question.
The next thing I will be working on is launching with electromagnetic launch rails that will send a crafts through the atmosphere and into outer space.
these may be made possible through launches on Moore nanotechnology benefits such as graphene spacecrafts and graphene spiderwire it would I will call my design that will let us have a rail write to outer spaces doorstep.
We will need strength and we will need incredible amount of electricity and we are going to be able to do all of those things very soon and when we turn on the machine once were already in space then we can set the Avenue project on an automated mission where everything is dormant and it's a simple it looking for a planet where there is no type of threat and human beings would know it's rough but of course be the dominant species and offer more balance.
There would be even better programming this time... so these mistakes would be made again like War and things like that...
Some of this might be a little jumbled around but I think you can decipher most of it if you read English. If this is fresh off the press and your eyes are able to come across it then you understand most of what's here is actual reality even though it's a fictional book because a lot of it's going to be about the places we haven't gone yet but where I'm going to take us.
How do you quantify that? How do you quantify when I take all of us somewhere?
When I was young I learned about the pyramids and they still are just as fast knitting and just as mysterious and it just seems like somewhere right over there some little Bethel Cove crash-landed in it could have all started all over again.
Sea life is just really a program and there are all these different ranges and when the right ranges are in position it's like a keyway opens up and then that happens over and over again and each time sets off a series of processes and if it's safe to move forward life continues to emerge and evolve period.
Sterling a plant, called botany, is quite fascinating and when we think of a seed and we realized that within there is a little program just waiting for the right amount of moisture in the proper temperature and so there's these sensors and these little actuators and it's just a cause and effect relationship and everybody instinctively knows what to do and how to help one another and those systems even when they're different systems and different chemicals and different bodies because they are dependent upon one another in these symbiotic relationships sometimes benefiting one another and more recently the findings wear it once in a while they actually don't seem to benefit one of the but we would usually called the factors so we'll just say participants in the symbiotic relationship. The one that I believe I've see most recently was a fungus.
So let's figure out how to quantify our existenxe so we can, if desired, resurrect that experience. I'm specific and certain other wats on my Facebook got more then one reading.
Algorithms that help define my spirit and nature, my essence.  How many would make me in a sense whole and complete? Yes... I mean again !!! Connected packets able to cross reference and speak with one another instantaneously, a brain. Miraculous
A delicate intricate network of neatly encrypted compacted and packaged in packets individual unique attributes of everything about each of us all contained within.
In a quantum computer I'm stored.
I Am Program
Tissue can be printed today.
My body will be of my design with changes where I have been weak and genetic attributes altered to alleviate the stress and dread and pain of suffering from here forth, the memories so earned remain !
We designed another area of the brain. It's called the SundtErDome after Thor Sundt and it stores all previous life memories so your character can never completely escape because escape is not a principle on which to thrive.
The area is stored on a biochip, it's cellular programming and it's state of the art with a nuclear reactor built in. This nano-bio-science technology is universe changing.
Soon we will jump ship into a new guilt free shameless body, if we so choose.
We will dig deeper into matter and genetic disease and see if some exist simply because markers for cisy in a certain pattern for certain other diseases that never even manifest but are related through mechanisms that link common core
Once we have a quantum computer we will be able to attack diseases that would do understand in Virtual ways and find cures quickly.
These diseases as I mentioned we will be caring above will help us to further map our body and regards to the human genome and of course we will better be able to and have it our printed bodies once that technology comes of age period
You say you have a virus and it is now grown all over your brain like a cobweb similar to all simers. We know that we can't cure you of that but we can transfer you and we have a process that we have to go through because we have to capture your essence and if we do not capture that exact energy and transfer that exact energy then it will not be you.
That's the part of this procedure that scares people the most but let me guarantee you because I can we do this and such a controlled way basically you can't escape.
With sensors and actuators and Quantum Computing we can actually GPS"like" every single molecule of your body. I call it BioMolecularBranding& Mapping. Has been perfectly successful and all of our trials thus far with animals that the owners know really well. I'm a come back it's definitely them they all say.
So essentially because we do this timed and agreed to vent that we don't even called Death we just call the transfer in a perfectly controlled atmosphere and even if we didn't I want you have taken all of the markers then we have your program.
It's funny because everybody really think so much more of themselves until they get to this point and then no matter who they have been we were when they're confronted with the transfer, because it's still pretty new, they are the most humble people you will ever meet. They know that everything about them is in your hands. There have to be Witnesses and things of this nature because we go through complete identity changes with new fingerprints and all different things anything you can imagine blood type and on and on.
It's really quite fascinating and if I didn't have this performed I was 12 there was no way I would have made it to 49 today.
What's amazing is I can't wait for the new one because I'll be the oldest NFL player rookie ever if everything goes well.
It's nice that we've been able to print tissue and circumvent the puzzle that the telomeres presented. In my mind problems are like hurdles and they are just meant to be leapt.
I have found now that I pray constantly. I call it praying because it's just so natural to do what's right it stimulating and rewards these new bodies Properly like we were supposed to feel things before the industrial age polluted
I Am Program