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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

$carce Love & $IN / Poetry / Lyric ~ MobiusTripz

The children
Little girls little boys,
Somewhere intolerable suffering,
Grow up to stand for change,
you make a difference as you age,
a new generation quick change,
Don't be scared just step up and in and do it

The cats
Fluffy delightful joyous
Kittens a child always likes
What child can deny s kitten?,
Yet a world deny dome children today elsewhere now?

The dogs
It repeats over and over again
Don't n am the generation
Why can't someone stop it,
Must be some $$$ in it,
A conduit to riches,
Guns for $$$

Why so selfish?
Why so sick man?
Why so angry?

Pharmaceutical Religions

the other,
both contrived,
now combined

Yet populations
With No work
Stand in lines
Why bread lines ???

Poor socioeconomic policy,
they legislate this shit,
just so on the other end,
never beforehand evident.

Why no work?

Who says so?

In America you don't in front of us draw a line !!! Ever

What policy makes sense when someone dies of starvation anywhere today !!!

It's inexcusable but acceptable because we accept it !!!

Never has there been a more disgusting time than today !!!

Express yourself with violent music and thoughtful actions !!!

Scream it out loud for the whole world !!!

Stop the atrocities !!!