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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Compartmentalized ~ Poetry / Lyric ~ MobiusTripz

The hurt is real,
the neglect you deal,
Why am I made to feel,
Can't you share,
I love you closer,
why am I even here?

A player on another's chess board,
I am a thing of your convenience,
an item owned and used then placed away,
until so needed again,
without a doubt

Not a thought given my way,
busy livez divide lovers highways,
and douse the fires of artists souls,
alive burning​ oarngy bright,
hot summer nights my heart is yours alone,
offer me more please find this time,
I'm pained in silence no one hears my calls,
I'm crying out of teras on dry,
alone and hurting more than I've ever known,
shut out and shutting down,

No one cares anymore.
I don't even know why.
I did nothing wrong.
I communicate and respect.
I'm thoughtful and plan.
I gonsider everyone else,
However all else is mine alone so cast and selfish.

Where is the life I want you share,
If I observe it with none if my heart's intent,
I opened my mouth and let my feelings out,
I ruined a beautiful life we shared as friends,
I deckared my love for you,
But I'm always selfish in the end.

Selfish in the end,
this unfair world,
and it's unfair ways,
and soon these tables run I'll have you know,
right now I'm simply on autopilot,
watching and absorbing,
not overly concerned about the comping implosion I've already sidestepped.
I see ahead,
whenever I want and  especially when it's about yo happen,
my heightened senses,
I'll be ready to catch you and if this real love you will make sense.

You'll understand...

My love for you is timeless, endless, boundless, massive, all encompassing, and powerful and it's all yours for the taking.

I'll be here,
even when you treated me like hell,
I'll be here,
even when ignored and lied to,
and in the future when denied and looked the other way,
the accusations keep coming forth,
all the things we did together,
mad lust driven insanity,
folklore, and epic tales, and sagas of passion plays,
and creative imaginations,
that have now completely ran away.

I simply declared I love you.

I don't understand the infinite delay of conveyed sentiment but all others break down under these stressors and so it's found out,
the weaknesses and the strengths,

I love you

I hear children that want to play and be happy, indeed a family waiting. Knowing nothing of the adult lives and the tangled web we weave, oh so innocent let's not drag them under while around sin and do not deceive ot at least do not let these things above so cloud our way.

I love you.

I love you as a man.

I love you the same the moment before I shared it with you so, me no different now,
the one a friend so close you'd made,
so fast friends in love,
at least we are hanging out.

Are  you nervous like me?

Scared?  I'm not scared at all. Anxious I am all the time and if near you it lasts several days until finally I can sleep again at full rest. you pique my chemistry like a battery that's fully charged and ready for you my lady, no matter what it may appear this life has in front of us together, so what we shall uncover  what just up ahead does so truly lay.

I love you.