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Saturday, July 8, 2017

I Am Program ~ Excerpt ~ Daydreams

A beautiful day staring into the mountains...

Morning contemplations summer-saulting forward from the eye of thought, all so connected, of which the universe itself does not even exist without !

We are told, informed, instructed, educated, offered such...

Thou shalt not JUDGE,

but then...


where we return to mob rule?

Ponder these ideas, and use your God given mind and spirit, unless you have a better way to explain it, to figure out how to do what's right, if that's even a personal conundrum meaning more deeply, how or when judge or not.

What's your rule of thumb ? As this simple commandment almost well, seems so very too simple today in a sophisticated world.

We factor and break down seeking essence and origin and the rule is simple ... do not judge !!!

I'm very guilty but know no other way often, so... knowing we are all so equally flawed here as human beings, how do you change and I've past these personal flaws and transcend the self?

The journey always unfolds holding such beautiful poignant answers when finally perceived, that which often stood just before you all along.

Go toward the light always in doubt, I often explore and choose the other and the lessons are hard and long and permanent in so many various ways and the wake behind is often a place I can no longer visit or indeed my mind so powerful can block from the conscience self, as though splintering personalities, comparyment zing, an re-inspection personal resources constantly as I monitor the self upon constant personal inventories.

It's the soul that has minimal resources in which we find ourselves so infinitely in harm's way, build faith always through work upon others needing so very much more than the selfish I.

To judge it not to judge?

To all of these things or not, an opposite and opposing, often "spooky" opposite reaction transforms something elsewhere almost seemingly effortessly, like magic, ... Is it the opposite of all my black days and nights. That elsewhere light is so shined?

Is there not something of a reward to studying the person, the human being, the objective organism so sophisticated the groups, colonies, cities, counties, towns, and ways w so choose to  call and so cohabitate?

Judge vs. decision, as over the horizon i to Pennsylvania, my state of birth, I ponder and pray and communicate, and think of you each offering only the finest off thoughts, such a perfect summer day, with Luna my dog, and Soleil and Anna, meow and bird all friend with this silly man and his sweet dog.

Sickness keeps me down and off to work to lift me up, fighting for life and balance, mind racing with life, excited I made it here with you all once again.

These ranting running cascading dipping thoughts just roll like the tide visions constantly alive these movies inside, and how did this all just become a reality ?

Spiraling, around, a round'ish globe or top leaning at 23.5°, we all run around on it spinning in orbit, a moon like eye... miracles you don't believe??? Please !!!


The possibilities today are endless !!!

I Am Program ~ Excerpt ~ Daydreams