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Saturday, July 8, 2017

I Am Program ~ Excerpt ~ Studying Ancient Earth Back In Era of Millennials, 2017

The Egyptians without a doubt had the most visual of minds and of course languages, the hyroglyphs alone, making the electronic devices we hold today an un-needed accessory to them... That's the true power of the mind and the disconnect we have made from another so.

From what is it they were connected to that we have indeed disconnected from?

Is it a good thing ? Or perhaps no...

And then an civilization fell. And like the tide eventually erasing all traces, we often ponder the how and whys and what's and when's of those very decadent yesterday's, fading away.

Somewhere behind in the wake room where our Galaxy came, perhaps a radio active  trace w shall find and then enlighten with laser and so bring able again, these holographic projections from crystals of the ether unlike most nothing imaginable, oh my, what an architect, and of my, such is it that constantly inspires the constant flow that which is life.

The closer the planet to the sun, the further over the event horizon, and into the black hole so full of light that cannot escape, we survive.

Can you see it, our spiral black hole Galaxy? And now with perhaps a red dwarf twin black hole following along as an elliptical planetary solar system upon a different but intersection plane than ours, and now they are hard to see below the sun from us, and in a dark system, cruising along on auto pilot just like us, and the celestial alignments, and so of course no wonder these influxes and perturbations.

I Am Program ~ Excerpt ~ Studying Ancient Earth Back In Era of Millennials, 2017