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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Evil POS Corrections Officer Needs To Go to Prison and Lose His Job On the Way

This white man is an evil piece of s*** !!!

He should be charged and placed in custody of the state through the court system and jailed immediately because he is absolutely a threat to society !!!

This is the exact precise type of actions that get innocent people killed for example, the man who was just riding along when this a****** illegally pulled in front of him on the street !!!

He then caused the confrontation, as he got out of his truck and walked over to the man, the second wrong thing he did, thus far.

You give a piece of s*** like this a gun and a job and he thinks he can use it anywhere.

I know a little bit about this because I earned my degree in college studying these topics exactly. I have a degree in science with a major in police science, and what this man does, this white man who thinks he's privileged, is all illegal !

I guarantee you if that had been a white teenager riding along on his four wheeler, nothing would have happened !!!

But this cockamamie a****** goes back to his truck and grabs a gun... !!!

Like are you kidding me... ???

This is ridiculous !!!

It's hard to believe the son of a b**** is even a corrections officer because pretty much everything he does is the opposite of what training would teach you.

This is no kind of man that should be working in law enforcement anywhere at any level at any position, even administratively as it is his core character that is corrupt, this is a man that needs to be behind bars because he is an evil threat to society !!! He needs to stay behind bars until he can truthfully understand how absolutely wrong and flawed his way of thinking and being is in its entirety !

The laws and the privileges of our country and each state should never have any men like this working within that system and it's far too many men like this within that system that have corrupted what was once a legitimate system throughout ... which I will say is today corrupted nearly throughout.

I know many wonderful women and men in law enforcement and I have many wonderful professors from my studies as well and I have paid attention since those days of earning my degree and I have done my due diligence all along and what my education tells me and what science tells me is to look at the facts and I have been looking at these facts since 1990.

I look at these self-evident truths all around all the time in the United States of America and they discussed me because this is not the country that I live in at least in so far as what I mean by that is I don't want others to think we are this terrible all of the time but unfortunately it's far too often and seemingly escalating and more unfortunately than anything costing lives like this man you could have been shot and killed here as well as becoming accepted which scares me more than anything.

You have to remember we also live in a day and Edge today where we have more men and women incarcerated in the United States of America than we do in any other time in recorded history !!!

Our population is only headed upwards towards 3 billion soon so that number is only going to increase if we don't shift the paradigm, and within lies the rub !

What is the new paradigm that should be set forth? Nobody knows at this point nor has tried to be Progressive enough to do anything that would help our fellow man who is behind bars as well as correct our culture who produces these criminals.

We have deep systemic cultural problems in the United States of America and if they are not addressed with each decade that passes they will only be more deeply ingrained for further Generations and the only more complicated a problem to undo as we move forward never getting easier, but never being easier simple to begin with.

I'll just say it this way how many more black people need to be shot by white people for us to realize that we have a serious problem in this country that is deeply ingrained into our culture and into our systems.

I am proud to be an American but at the same time I am very sad and disappointed to be an American today... when I thought we had been making so much progress and then I see some piece of s*** redneck like this... and so many others damn it... that just ruin it for everybody else, and some of those people permanently no like this man almost found out... and damn it what does it take to change this kind of ignorance ?

I doubt you'll get a chance to read this anyway but I will post it because it comes without thought first and only straight from my heart and with passion because I am furious and something has got to stop this kind of ignorance !!!

We expect that the court system will do the right thing now but they're already failing and we know law enforcement is going to fail because they're going to take care of their guy here even if he's just a corrections officer because that's the way the system works and it's already proven because this man's not been charged at least as asserted and set forth in this video.

I purposefully made this statement because I have so many friends in law enforcement and I hope you most especially will make a statement about these things to or else you are failing it is time to speak up and if I am wrong tell me exactly and precisely where and why.

That guy could have just cruised right along as he had the right of way and even if it was illegal for that to be on that road it was nobody's job on this scene to do anything about it except make a phone call.

So looking at all those benefits of the doubt my point ultimately is none of this should have happened as it did and most of America thinks that this is all acceptable as well as most of America won't even make that statement because everybody is scared today.

How do we Rise Above This in move past all of this United because we have many divisive entities that are trying to take us down and we need to understand today that we need to be stronger as a country and stand together and I'm scared videos like this are going to further hurt our Unity as a country and I do not want to see our country fail I want to see our country learn and evolve and become by far hands down the greatest country in the world as we have been for so long... but I'm not sugar-coating anything.

To give majun your cruising Along on your little ATV and all of a sudden this guy pretends I mean he really acts like you're driving too fast after he's pulled into your right away and after you defend yourself and try to keep a safe distance this son of a b**** gets a gun look at quick that could be you in that situation or something just like it because that's the America we live in and that's not a joke !!!

Thank God above all this man did not get murdered !!!

Now there has to be Justice there must be Justice !!! And I'm not talking about the guy just gets thrown in jail and all that we already know that's going to happen there has to be a wholesale shift of our culture at long last to say that we are not going to tolerate this !!!

It also comes in the form of my publishing here does not get taken away and so I have put this on my blog also anyway it doesn't really matter I'm not going to be controlled by Mark Zuckerberg or Facebook or anybody else because nobody will ever take away my basic freedom to speech so it matters not who likes what I write but what's important is that eyes will see this and souls shall be cast permanently in one way or the other.

I know where I stand and I can't tolerate this kind of pure outrageous disregard for the law on just a huge multitude of levels in this one single instance !!! I think it could appear to single-handedly show corruption just because this corrections officer looks to almost be getting away with near murder so think about that and you know what this son of a b**** needs to pay for what he's done and I don't mean in any irrational ways I mean in very rational one precise ways where this man will have his own Freedom taken from him for a length of time so that he can sit on his ass and think about his absolute disregard for human life and the law that he has respected member of the law enforcement Community himself should hold in the highest of regard and set examples.

I'm also very thankful to the very technology that is showing the world the truth !!!