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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Jettisoning ~ I Am Program

Yesterday I jettisoned more of those poor old archaic ideas that no longer work along with shedding some of my terrestrial body as I rebuild myself with only better and better fuel that of nourishment for my physical well-being and that of nourishment for my soul and I am looking to find great balance and to strengthen myself to Heights I have never known before this time in my life now but also with reasonable expectations based upon the vessel I inhabit which I have inventoried quite well.

I don't have to wait for the next life to be reborn Jesus Christ guarantees me I can have a new life today and that is not alive so if you take in a breath no matter the condition you're in if there is fight left within you fight and fight and fight but know how to ask for help and when and where and use your energy towards healing in distancing yourself from negatives before someone else does it for you.

Life is about leaping over hurdles or going to war or having incredible circumstances that are insurmountable and it is these moments we involve or we don't. I'm not talking about little wimpy things I'm talking about the things in life that you need massive support networks for and reinforcements far above and beyond your own coping mechanisms which as each of us left as individuals is certain to fail far earlier than we are if we are to have a network upon which to share support.

And in a greater way in a positive looking forward way think of those things that will be when we are plugged into these incredible support networks and we are contributing members and we are learning from the members that just look to appear so natural as they serve these volunteer positions because I'm not talking about getting paid here.

It's also something else to see everybody's different boundaries and interpretations of what common bylaws are for example and what are conflicts of interest for example versus what aren't and to have respect for one another is of the utmost importance because I know none other that I have walked in their shoes nor none that have walked in my own and therefore I know I am not to judge as others I wish would not judge myself and I know these lessons I have learned not just because I have read them or heard them but because I haven't lived them in most indelibly felt them.

I stand up for what I believe in and so I can get ostracized I guess of my own choosing which I could really care less so obviously it's of my own choosing but I'm not going to lie and I'm always going to stand by the side of those that are doing what is right and what is the best for a community for example and I am very idealistic although I understand and a realistic world we have to play some cut fruit games and trust me I'm good at those too.

On patients look at the very last few words from the sentence above because there's Karma and in a karmic reality that we also live in kind of as a parallel reality just in philosophy because it's the mind that interprets the reality that's around us and that is 100% scientific fact so since we each interpret this reality around us well I know from observing and from watching others and from knowing my own self from experience that what comes around does indeed go around it is just basic science and studying equilibrium for example if you want to understand it in the light of physics more or in the light of anything because that law applies everywhere at least in the universe as we understand it today, indeed if we are observing elsewhere we may observe something where everything is completely 100% different than this spiraling golden formula Galaxy we are cruising along in within this planetary system just a few planets over in this nice warm cozy spot oboy lucky us !!!

Ever since birth I dream of that place and going up there I want so much to go to space one day and I really did send NASA a letter a few years ago saying that I will give them the rest of my life if they'll give me a new spine and they can blast me off tomorrow and I'll be the first to go. I hope they recognize my name and put some things together in their heads and realize this guy's pretty crafty and we ought to get him off the Earth because he's costing us too much money to keep around and he's feisty as hell and never gives up and it probably be perfect to send there.

It's amazing to listen to one person's version of their own reality is they tell it to somebody else and especially if you're in a group of friends and everybody else already knows what they're telling is not the fool true picture but the truth is we each of you ourselves a different way and then each of the other views us a different way again perspective. I keep bringing it up because it's important so that we will stay out of the personal things that we get so embroiled in that we want to rip each other to shreds and for what Earthly good I never understand?

I'm personally tired of stigmas and I am tired of being hurt I could care less about being ostracized and I'm ready to leave this parcel soon as I again jettison more of this vessel and Escape Into The Ether that Tesla new of so well and I weave my way through the antimatter and the black matter the other parts of the 110 trillionth of this incredible electromagnetic projection from which we are projections upon projections upon projections or what I call Super Holograms and that we are alive here within suggest that yes there is source and it is that place that I will go and in death it is that portal we step through first towards that Journey which never ends and at least there's great peace to know there only will be greater and better more beautiful things to come but with those laws of equilibrium and balance first learn your lessons well before that final departure upon which we do not choose 4 to sin against yourself and the maker at the very essence of your being is to deny one last and final time his greatness in the love he has for you over tumultuous life circumstances no matter what your walk and that is not judging any other man that is just a matter of fact.

I don't know who will read this or when or where but this is my letter in my last paragraph before I depart I kind of will be in a hyperloop but it's a vertical hyperloop and believe it or not it's built of these nanotechnology fibers that use space elevators in the vertical hyperloop structure with super electromagnetic propulsion systems of course that make the time to get into the moon and Mars almost next to nothing especially with the new perfected microwave Drive and I will just tell you this those who will be left behind are those that just say that there are laws and rules against all of this...well, is their mind somehow just too little too dream?

What would Noah say?

We may never know but there are New Horizons and they are ahead and that is where I shall go or am I already there?

I Am Program