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Friday, July 21, 2017

An Adventure Retrieving My Range Rover from Grantsville, Maryland

I just want to start saying that this journey started in Grantsville and my destination in the Range Rover was Cumberland Maryland about 16 miles away of a massive Journey but an uncertain one with the vehicle not having been test-driven but I knew exactly what I was getting into prepared again my point hear about all of this morning ething is The Beautiful People of Grantsville and I say some things below that are rather harsh about Cumberland where I live but I absolutely adore and love my hometown and it is exactly what I thought it was when I moved here a beautiful historic City that was in George Washington's Mind's Eye and reality and something that I wanted to experience for myself in the beauty here is just Second To None to me personally and it far outshines anything nasty however the nasty is nasty and that is something that everybody should understand. This is a very small city with a very large city problem, and don't forget that ever. I'm not scared to go out at night but don't let your guard down and be stupid either and why roll the dice with your life when statistically you can purposefully do things during times that are safer. It's your life your decision and my point here is as I left myself wide open tonight but I felt fired up and good and I had not felt this well in months and I needed to get out because I have been sick for a long time and I even ran a little bit tonight with my dog I just had so much energy and praying to God it stays however a lot of its prednisone but a lot of it to you I'm too happy body wants to exercise getting stronger and stronger happier and happier lungs you can feel when your healing even through being sick even if it last 4 months I still feel all the healing I'm sick because my body is getting rid of all the b******* that was left over there's a last vestiges of chemicals that had me completely polluted and almost dead for good and active viral loads of just what causes fever blisters about to knock me out I'm a walking zombie but that's all getting under control. People wonder why I write about the zombie stuff and how I got all that stuff started several years ago and how it proliferated through social media and it was indeed social media and just writing things that put a picture in people's mind so there's a little embellishment that goes on here but the facts are the facts as far as where I brought down sometimes words are used and grammatical errors are made and just like five or six words to go for, is missed but you read through that stuff and find your flow.

I don't have time to edit in to edit in to edit I'm not going to spend my life like that I've already hit the nail on the head and I already know what people like intuitively and people like to read the silly b******* that I like to write but it's all about going on the journey and having a good time and having a little bit of an escape and knowing at the end that you were entertained and fulfilled and that's never a bad thing and when we are more at peace within ourselves and enthralled with life even then we are definitely or so much more help to others and I have always helped others and I will always will help others even though I get bitter or sound bitter sometimes and tonight was one of those nights where God was definitely looking down on me you kept sending me angels and I met some beautiful people and we even exchanged information so that we could speak online and here I get people that roll my eyes because they're so goddamn stupid they can't even understand what I'm saying and they think I'm crazy.

The good things that have happened to me haven't happened to me because I'm crazy the good things have happened to me because I have made contributions and the people that know that take care of one another because that's what good people do and we still always try to help those that aren't in that shape and I'm almost to the point where I am not in that shape recently and I'm picking myself back up nobody else really seems to understand how critical things can get but it doesn't matter to me anymore nobody matters to me anymore I don't love too many people anymore or care about too many people anymore because they don't care about me and I'm not going to offer back a higher amount than I get as I have for most of my life with so many of these people they will get back what they give which is typically nothing or very little and then you get further apart and that's fine because I want to attract greatness not mediocrity and b*******, I've had my plate full of that long enough and feasted on it because I needed good writing material and fun to be wild when you're young and if you missed that in your youth will that's on you I definitely didn't if you regret it or not later that's on you to there's different ways of dealing with things and what you think of me doesn't matter that's my way of dealing with all of this stuff but what I think of me matters and I have very good ideas and principles better than most have a clue I also more than anything love to watch other reaction so I can be.

So now that I'm going to jump into the completely other subject you can think about what you will up above it matters not in the bigger picture what matters is let's go on this adventure and I wish I could tell you even more details but I don't want to make this so terribly long that it becomes a bore, I don't want to write roll your eyes writing because I've honestly seen so many people roll their eyes at me lately when I purposely run my mouth to see what people tolerance levels are and what I'm finding is certainly interesting.

I had an incredible time bringing home my Range Rover tonight with nothing else do you accept try to accomplish something as I have been sick very bad late I decided I would get fit to my vehicle that I finally got the part for.

The first guy I met because he asked me for help was just east of Grantsville one exit down Interstate 68 heading back towards Cumberland and he even indeed earned a BMW that I once owned and that I got from the same guy that I got this Range Rover from and so it's a small world and we both had pictures of the identical car in our phones and compare them and just laughed hysterically and his dad and Joy all of this as we chit chatted together a few minutes as I tightened up some hoses someone else had left loose That we're leaking water.

I made it one more exit and started overheating again and pulled off and found a couple of more little spots so obviously this was something somebody didn't finish and it was not my first time at the rodeo and I came prepared with lots of water tools and snacks and extra stuff but I only made it as far as Frostburg before I finally decided to get towed the rest of the way home so that I didn't damage the vehicle because apart actually blew apart. So hot and right in my face so I got a steam bath but fortunately somehow as soon as it happened in this is the second time it happened I turned so quick I was immediately out of Harm's Way but it was steamed from the radiator hose that exploded.

I also met a fellow named David he was very kind and he was asking me how to get to New Germany State Park to the campgrounds because he was going to meet some friends there and build a sweat lodge and we had wonderful conversation about many things and what I found was that they were great people just west of Cumberland where I found more scummy people than I have ever found in my life and I didn't ever want to say anything like it but since I have lived here from 2002 to 2017 or 15 years I think I'm allowed to say that and I'm quite qualified.

I'm astonished at the culture here and what is acceptable and have people are just so disgusting and selfish towards others and it's because there's a lot of alcohol and drug problems that are deeply embedded into the blue collar and low class or what's left of those two classes and it's tough talking about stuff like this but it's just the raw truth I don't care if somebody likes that or not I'm going to tell it how it is because I am tired of hearing things that are all sugar-coated b*******.

It's time that we educate our way out of these problems and we lift people into better ways of living we have to show them and drag them into a better way of living and that costs money but we must do it or else they will stay left behind and it's not acceptable because life has value and money is b******* that we will just make more of isn't it somebody always pays the bill when we all kick the bucket and money is such b******* we need to move people along you know what will happen when certain things in the modern world are taken care of so that everybody can be productive and feel that they are able to support themselves on the basic level or at least have that sense of security it doesn't need to be a right it should be something that's offered because we can offer it to everybody today and we don't need any more of this disgusting greed and Filthy Rich because these that are filthy rich or those that are filthy rich will be Filthy Rich anyway that will never stop fortunately some of those filthy rich people are the best philanthropists that the world has ever offered so who am I to judge overall but what is important to me is that certain things in society need to start being offered for free maybe even buildings with beautiful rings to check in and you can rest and I just mean a cubicle where you can stay the night and have a shower type of thing and that's it you ain't go to a general cafeteria in that way people want to have to feel homeless because you steal a man's Pride that way and you can't charge so much money for a hotel room nobody can afford it plus problems in life and responsible societies and cultures take care of their people they don't leave them behind and drop out and just don't give a s*** about them and that's what's happening today in a very judgemental disgustingly terrible world full of sin more than I've ever seen before and then when I left this area it seemed like they went to a different world today and people were kind and it be stored faith in humanity almost important on a personal level it gave me such a lift you just couldn't believe and there were other people that asked to and that does not happen in Northern Virginia and Alexandria where I grew up just thankful that all of those beautiful people cared enough to ask. I did have a beautiful black Range Rover and a very pretty dog and it never hurts to look decent and let other know that you take care of yourself because it shines and shows when you do and when you do goodness is attracted to you like you are attracted to hips and all of the bad gets pushed far far away or stays far away because it knows better and that is exactly where I am and my life and synchronicity was perfect tonight in this adventure of shows was precisely what I needed exactly when I needed it because at least these strangers were people that cared about me in my life when the people that say they are my friends absolutely don't give a s***and rarely even answer me anymore.