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Friday, July 21, 2017

Thinking About the Pasts Sciences and In the Future Worlds On Their Way, Man-made

Imagine if you will the finest Builders, designers, and engineers, in ancient Egypt long, long, ago utilizing spooky action-at-a-distance type of theory ... but we're what they figured out was basically that if we make what isn't here... then one day it will become exactly what we wanted and precisely when we wanted also... But without the heavy lifting so to speak. Now that I say that and words that everybody can understand yes more or less because there aren't words or the rest of the thought or Theory to back up what I have said.

So many times I have said things or published things in particular where I definitely published first and then the news took my idea or basically my idea is just taken and yes it could be coincidence there are hundreds of millions no wait there are billions of people in this world so it's bound and likely to happen however there are some phrases and some things that are just so absolutely unique I truly do think some of them a lot that is for sure there's more credit than never goes around the credit that does Finley get spread around sadly enough in that goes with all professions and all walks of life but we don't live for credit we live to help the Next Generation and we live to promote life and we live to teach the appreciation of life and to continue towards what is good for us what we call the light which is indeed good for us even the sunshine ... source.

It is where the quantum computer of data that projects us through this Twisted Mobius strip, thus mobiustripz, that indeed I see us twisting and turning through the fabric of space-time and over that event horizon is home and that's why we can't see it if you know what I mean but it's there and we know it we know it through science at long last it's just that everybody's scared to call it what it is and every single galaxy has a black hole in the middle of it and in that Galaxy live that God and in this great Universe perhaps one God as we already perceived so often but I know that science says back my God of this galaxy exists over the Event Horizon and through that black hole in that very well will lead into another dimension of space without Dept mathematics proves this.

Now if that doesn't sound crazy enough my point is this if you could figure out how to make something's opposite which something so massive is the pyramids would be incredible amount of nothingness but a lattice in which to fill and that then you knew how to place that matter in that position well you might learn the finest way to construct buildings my question is why aren't there more and the answer to that as is because it takes time for sure there's no shortcut for time sometimes at least when we're human mathematics proves that yes there are plenty of shortcuts to time but not for us as humans at least yet there's many that are thinking far beyond and outside of the box and I think humanity is going into an awesome place and we are going to shed a lot of terrible nonsense that we all have to tolerate today I think we are just going to see things change on a wholesale level soon one day we're all going to step out doors and realize we're living in a future that is far different from the past instead of a future that seems identical to the past or maybe not even as good as the past I think we are about to launch into this new marvelous incredible place and although I am almost 50 I may not see that in my lifetime this incredible place but I'm dreaming about it and thinking about it wondering how am I going to contribute and what can I learn so that I can continue to hopefully add to the quality of life for human beings something that will offer back continually long after I am gone. I only think that way it's because I was brought up that way and I've been fortunate with wonderful examples of parents, siblings, and Friends and that is without a doubt the truth.

Anyhow I just like to think of these most outrageous of things because I watch documentaries and I read and I imagine and I think of that future that we don't live in yet but it's coming and I'm glad we're going to be shedding all of the ugly because there is a lot of ugly to shed..

There is much great Beauty to come and that is certainly without doubt. It's very tough getting there and that is the now we are living through it is time to work and work hard in dream larger than you can imagine nothing about that statement two Universe Pros as does thought as does your mind so use it and work it too and if you want to cope with bad stress play a musical instrument and the voice doesn't count has to be something tangible even hand as something else to somebody else.