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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Perhaps A Final Plea ? ~ a calling to America

There's strong conversation in circles very high up about will just say immobilizing the president's just repeating what I've heard myself.

Here's my question you live in a county or a city or state and I want to know how you were going to react when this happens?

Your state has a plan your county has a plan in your city has a plan and if you do anything except go against that you're an enemy of this country and trust me you will be dealt with as such.

My greater point is this the United States is getting set up to get ripped away and what I mean is that when they have all of us fighting against one another they will come and steal everything that we have and I mean absolutely everything in there will be nothing left so this country had better give up the divided amongst itself before we get torn to shreds and disintegrate before our very eyes trust me as I say these words.

Share this quick because I'll be surprised if this should even last here especially on Facebook most of all and I'm not making a threat to anybody I am telling each of you how it is I who stand in the middle of your friend yeah Steve.

I watch the Republicans call the Democrats names and I watch the Democrats call the Republicans names and then I watch greater demons waiting for you all to just strike one another just go ahead you f****** idiots.

Wow so much so many people worked so hard for this beautiful country all about freedom and protecting those freedoms and forever offering other freedoms for the future so that we all made rein well it's all about the disappear that's not a joke and it might happen in our lifetime that's the reality we have to consider immediately.

Purposefully go and get a great taste of all of what is going on at Cross life and look into all news sources as a citizen you have a responsibility to and you have a responsibility to share with others exactly what it is that you see in exactly what it is that is important to you so that you may excellently stand up strong and voice whatever it is that you see loud and clear so that all may be forewarned and let's just hope none scarf as they did at Noah.

I purposefully closed with that Last sentence because it just says a lot and divides a lot too if you let it but you know what this great country will never divide if we decide that we will not let them divide us. We will never fall if we decide together they will not let us fall. We are the great United States of America and we have an example to set in to live up to and we are failing right now on a multitude of wholesale levels but we will not be fooled anymore and I kid you not most of these warring factions are all around you right here at home.

Their intent is not to have you die immediately know their intent is to take all that you have except your life so that forever you shall remain in ignorance slave.

I never promote violence but I will always defend whatever it is I call my turf and that is a great great great group of many people across this land let me tell you and whenever you come and you think you're going to threaten this United States of America well there will be three hundred million strong looking right back at all of you just saying how dare you.