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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Wasted Energy title ~ Furious Rants & Raves subject ~ Rants of a MadMan collection

I was just thinking to myself how much wasted energy manifest I am today. I have been Furious since I left the doctor's office that's 3 hours of Fury... wow what a waste of goddamn energy and when I'm sick on top of it you see what I'm saying... I'm just so disgusted in so down right now I'm just so so so tired of feeling this day in and day out I'm tired and quickly I feel like I'm aging old so fast right before my very eyes quicker than ever before and it seems like everything else that's reality starts with drawing farther away that's what's happened before when that which comes next for all of us draws closer and it is distance there I will make soon to push that again further away and it's the energy wasted today that seems to distort the space-time around us and indeed draw that certain destiny closer fast as opposed to again using that energy and such positive ways and pushing it further and further further down that linear timeline that we indeed fly along upon.