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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Big C - My original poem

The Big C

I went through a real bad spell of health a few years ago...and i wondered...more like I felt and I knew...I had cancer. Never had a confirmation (it was a necrotizing killed it !!!...anyway, no REAL diagnosis)of scientific proof. I know I was at death's door. I am much better today and feel as I should most of the time. What I wrote below is what came forth one day while writing...lots bears on the mind when you are this kind of ill. Just another of life's many many lessons.

Thats what it's called, as my lymph nodes swell,
Do I have it ? The Big C ?
Is it a blessing in disguise ? The growth is large and hurts,
Will I lose my worldly possesions ?
Or my life ?
These thoughts I have never ceasing
Broken mind wields its neurotic synaptic impulses,
Well, I pray and I beleive,
And god will guide me.
I live as always... for today.
But I am not ready to depart this life just yet,
I cannot question my Fater's plan.
Faith carries me,
On wings of glory I may stay or soar home...
Off to heaven... slipping these surly bonds of life,
Or I may be ok... pray for me, god hears us all.