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Monday, May 31, 2010

My original Poem / Lyrics Colours

Colours, appx 06 John S. Swygert

Do you ever ponder on a tie dyed twisted plane,
Of the colours that your life has portrayed,
And what colours might have been,
If those colours you did not trade?

Life's palette, oh so delicate,
This life's tapestry that we boldly paint and blend,
Deciding for more green than red at a moments notice,
Where and what path did we our life send.

Life's canvas never erased, we continually brush with new and enlightened strokes,
We may embellish or conceal the encounters that lay beneath,
Irrevocable in obscured memories later to cascade forth,
Or forever buried, perhaps never able again to be reached.

Arbitrarily we cover the colours that run like blood through our veins,
And paint and blend the colours that hurt and cut like a knife,
Then paint some more bright irridescents that tame the savage beast,
These varigated chromactic whispers that help leave behind the strife.

The communal canvas, let your eyes upon it gaze,
The colours erupting from my multifaceted soul spread deep,
Nothing to hide the colours, they are often worn on my sleeve,
From conscience to canvas not contained, they often seep.

Artists that know me as a confidant partake what I perceive and savor,
We feel and share the momentus synaptic pleasures of this life,
Striving to illustrate and blend the opaque and oblique,
Seasonings of vitality are what we ration and seek.

Asking others to come forth and blend their hues freely,
Innately knowing what it is that the canvas demands of us,
Assimilating new techniques from others, often with such acute cost,
Perhaps mesmerized by the colours they offer, we too undeniably trust.

Contributions to the masterpiece come from experience,
Pallets dirtied always cleaned, new pigments often sought,
Never a simple masterpiece just engineered at a glimpse,
Jewels improvised continually, over eras and never wrought.

Colours are what illustrates life's experience,
The roads we travel are so varied, meant to be lessons learned,
Make each day your masterpiece to yourself and your brethren,
A good life is nothing casual, but rather through hard work earned.

John S. Swygert