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Monday, May 31, 2010

Reeling Fish - My Original Poem

ComScore On a hook trying to escape,
The drag makes you struggle,
Hook in your lip,
Your energy is short.
You leap into the sun,
Hoping only to break free,
Glimmering sunlight on your scales,
As you crest the watery heights.
Waiting for your chance at freedom,
You jump from the water thrashing,
The sunlight offers hope,
The hook still holds you tight.
As the rodman sees you glimmer over the sparkling water,
You break free, such a fight,
It was a challenge on two facets,
And now you both are spent.
You may meet another day,
Such a joyous trout,
And a man who had a glimpse,
Fishing soothes his soul.
Until it's time again,
A rainbow teases man.