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Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 years gone by MOBIUSTRIPZ

MobiusTripz been here in cumberland, md ten years,
buying a house...trying..
bad health has haunted me,
tears well up...feels like crying

i am 43 and physically broke,
the only man that financially can help me is my father,
i am about to lose my home...another washed up dream perhaps,
or a door opening to freedom

dad has helped so much already
money tossed at a sinking ship
again i am sliding down
the stinking black abyss

perspective is this
plow ahead and keep faith
stay close to the loved ones and the friends
support to lean against, time not to waste

what does one do, when a physical wreck
unable to support the self and losing respect
already gotten so much help the ship is still sinking
humble, somber, ego shrinking

st pattys day today
i signed for a letter of forclosure
how quickly things can change
even for the good

never overlook a gift horse in the mouth
i do not know what is going to next unravel
perhaps it is time again to move ahead in struggle
i still do like to travel

each day is not a promise
no guarantee of the next moment is a given
i pray to God to sustain me
he gave me such a life worth living