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Thursday, March 17, 2011





Here is a beautiful song by MobiusTripz, "Japan's Sad Setting Sun"...the title is unfortunate but looks to be true with the magnitude of this disaster...(PLUG FOR MY NEWEST SONG)

Japan has been totally devastated...and the media is simply trying to prevent massive panic...happens all the time, all around, everywhere...
more things will be happening and even worse then anything we have seen thus far...
they do not report the weather as accurately as they use to...and it is not because they do not see what is coming...
we see what is coming more then ever in science today...they simply want to prevent panic and accept certain "losses" as acceptable ahead of time...however indiscriminent in nature...that is "their" measure for justification, because what they know will happen is going to happen, however, they do not know exactly where.
...this is a combined effort, I believe led by of our government, followed by some other governments and the mass media.

Since 911 and other events that have unfolded, and then the creation of the Patriot Act, media is in a completely different day and age...look at my letter on FB that is posted in my is to Jim Moran of Congress in the United States where I am a citizen...

I suggested that perhaps we limit what we "give" to the media in time of turmoil, terror, and while a certain unknowingness exists...this was years ago while I was in the area of the sniper shootings. I also heard the plane hit the pentagon as well, as I was close by that I am acutely aware of terror and I studied Police Science where we educationally scrutinized / studied media coverage, terror, prevention, panic, etc, as well as I come from a military family, however, I am a more liberal man today while leaning towards being independent.
On a personal level, my politics have shifted with the times, as I believe we should all be flexible politically speaking and see what is needed at any given moment...simply doing what we believe to be right and correct and standing for that even if others dis-agree.
...Jim Moran answered / stated to me in that same letter posted that he would certainly suggest this to colleagues as possible legislation...well, that may have happened and left us here today...which I am unsure if I had a good suggestion or not...hind site truly is...or well at least is closer too...20/20.
Use common sense and take safeguards...tomorrow I am buying cases of water to store, and stocking up the food supply, making sure my RV runs well, and getting gas and kerosene, batteries, etc...I think this is just the beginning of a long painful road for the world, and the coming events will be massive and devastating like things we have never known in our lives before, except as have been written.
Some scholars scoff at Atlantis, but then when did Plato write of fiction?...
Come on and wake is just perfection, not a prediction calculator, just another "perspective"...

UPDATED 11-03-2012:

News Outlets Held Back Detail Of Benghazi Attack At CIA's Request

Take care of yourselves at home and your loved ones where ever you live and be good to each other. pretty simple...what unfolds is not someting we will have the power to stop...just the universe and the earth on their terms...we are but ants upon a speck of dust in this life!...What is Faith?
Listen to the soothing song and ponder this question and then make some clear decisions.
Just some thoughts...peace to all...and whatever happens long term...and I pray I am wrong and would be thankful to sound like a pure lunatic...but whatever happens...this is just a small slice of our life, we have merely seen the tip of the proverbial ice berg in life, there will be a great Peace for all one day ...and it has begun as we are another day closer to being one.
Peace, steve of MobiusTripz