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Thursday, March 17, 2011



I am the son of a Retired Colonel,
and I knew when I was very young,
I wanted to please my old man,
I thought glory would be bought with gun.

I thought the way to progress,
was always paved through war,
relentless driven machine,
the cost of this progress gore

True progress I have learned,
comes only through grace and peace,
working towards what is the best right now together,
true reward is feast

I too would be a warrior
and travel far and wide
it was in my blood born with
gleamed like promise in my eye

prideful I mislead myself
my father a great man
honest by nature and caring
I did not see that being a soldier meant offering freedom and peace

I saw only what i thought must be right
and my brother too would go to fight
if need be
west pointers prepared always
but never hoping for heavy artillery

these were my real life super heroes
the men I adored
I saw what I saw with strange perspective
me and my friends wanted to go and fight wars

we were kids full of excitement
and yearning for adventure galore
not yet wise to the ways of the world
not understanding the true cost and terror of war

so a dream never recognized
a blessing that was well disguised
thankful to never fight in my life
of an eye for an eye
today I am so full of life
change not I would have died

The passage of years happening faster
time speeds up with age
because perspective is so powerful
it is often overlooked through the focused
of the most intent searching eyes, yet still blind

flow doth make rhyme where none exists
perplexed word myth
or riddle could be
perspective always the key

you are today the exact age that you were when you first read this
plus that moment of time that has thence passed since that first moment
perspective will prove through the passage of time
that each time you read this over many years that this axiom will hold true
and it will be with each year passing more abundantly clear that time speeds up for each of us.

and this poem makes more and more sense.