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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 or SIII Cellular Phone and 4G LTE Network U.S. Cellular

This looks pretty sweet...and I am no phone shopper...but I figure as useful as this one android I have is and how it saves me time and even makes my life more productive, well what am I missing on the newer ones, and I think mine now could be useful for a while like some laptops that just do whats needed.

I could walk away from technology in a second and go to the woods to stay and be content, however, my phone has been an essential part of learning more deeply and more quickly that has been more of a tool like many tools I have used to repair cars, or perform plumbing, yes I perform it, and it is quite a comedy... and it also enhances my artistic output as well as stimulates my artistic thinking quite a lot.

Until they get a signal out in them woods, I am staying in the city with my

Here is the real scoop...

Update: 02-20-2013

What I can say about the Samsung Galaxy S3 on your 4G LTE network and operating on the Android Platform designed by Google is for efficiency is something I always tout, and you have helped me to be both more efficient and more productive so that I have even more time for thought about new projects and art work I inspire to create. 

The voice recognition is explosive, the camera state of the art, the LCD exquisite, its durability something to be admired, it technology something to behold, etc...and time will change this and evolve until it is even better. I also believe your network is as good as it is because I have stress tested it and it delivers above and beyond what my local hard wired cable company can offer as far as streaming quality with net video, film, music etc., and I have more easily tethered my equipment wirelessly with less outdated technology to depend upon as well. 

I have so far canceled the cable account and see the future for all entertainment needs through your exquisite products, networks, and professional service. I am pleased to be able to utilize such under appreciated technology right now in my hands today at such incredibly affordable pricing. have helped both enhance my life and lessen my monthly expenditures. US Cellular can upgrade your life, it has mine.

If you want to make a wise business decision for yourself today, consider this phone and data package on a proven network, such as U.S. Cellular, and purchase the data package which offers unlimited monthly data, and make sure that means that you are truly unlimited.

Secondarily, consider your other technologies present and for imminent future purchases, such as an LCD SMART TV, for example so that you have full and simple compatibility with a minimum of extra peripheral purchases required.

Properly planning your home's and work's needed technology and understanding how they can and are now designed to work together for maximum production and efficiency for the work load or simply pleasure can maximize time and offer a few dollars back into the budget at the same time.

Waiting today to make a purchase of a smart phone and not fully utilizing it is certainly a waste of time for any business minded person who values their time and money.

I will continue to update this with more information, but I really do not have one bad thing to say about US Cellular or the Samsung Galaxy S3...a perfect marriage of technology for efficiency!