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Monday, January 20, 2014

Minimum Wage Increase In Maryland ~ 2014 ~ Cumberland, Maryland ~ Western Maryland

So, do you suggest a raise perhaps in minimum wage as an aggregate in comparison to the cost of living vs. wage earned in a certain area instead?

Different minimum wages in different parts of the state is totally unacceptable and an asinine proposition as well.

Perhaps we should pay you less then what is reported here for not standing for us in earning fair wages. Is it true you make this much and only meet for three months out of the year? ...and if that is the case, how do you justify these wages for yourself, ...just because the check is issued does not really mean all the receive them are truly deserving, and that is why we vote, sir?

Salaries and benefits

As of the 2006–2010 term, most of Maryland's Senators and Delegates receive $43,500 in annual pay while presiding officers earn $56,500. This pay, relatively low for a state legislator, reflects the part-time nature of the body, which only meets three months out of the year. Most members of the Senate hold additional jobs during the remainder of the year.[1] Senators can also seek reimbursement for expenses related to meals and lodging during the legislative session, and for certain travel expenses related to their duties at any point during the year. They also have access to benefits received by state employees, including health and life insurance as well as retirement savings plans. Maryland has a voluntary legislator pension plan to which both Senators and Delegates have access. Besides receiving their own benefits, Senators can award up to $138,000 each year in scholarships to students of their choosing if those students meet requirements set by Senate rules."

Would you like some fries with that ?

You stated this...really ?

" can’t work in areas such as western Maryland..."

It will work in Western Maryland quite fine if the State places a further emphasis on taking care of the infrastructure here and helping us revitalize this post industrial area and further making it the home and center piece for Green Era Energy and Studies, as well as historic tourism.

Here are a few very recent quotes:

Maryland’s Senate president braced his colleagues for a difficult debate over raising the state’s minimum wage and asked senators to be open to compromise- saying it can’t work in areas such as western Maryland. Senate President Mike Miller, D-Calvert, told senators during session it will be hard to find a solution to address economic differences in various parts of the state. The debate is complicated because Prince George’s and Montgomery counties in the suburbs of the nation’s capital already have decided to raise the wage to $11.50 by 2017. Miller said lawmakers from rural parts of Maryland such as Allegany and Garrett counties won’t be able to support an increase that high…

and quoting another article as well...

"Despite the challenges, Miller expressed confidence a minimum wage increase will be approved, but it will likely need to be different in various parts of the state. The Senate president didn’t think each county would have a different minimum wage. However, he said there could be different standards for various regions."

Cumberland, as my prime example, is a forgotten gem just starting to roar back to life, but we are often forgotten and treated as less then equal in the eyes of the "folks from the big cities". The truth is, we have everything here most people desire as far as a way of life that is healthy and wholesome, as well as a cost of living that is the way it should be for everyone everywhere.

I left the Washington D.C. area years ago by choice to reside in the beautiful Western Maryland mountains and have never once regretted it or ever dared to look back either.

Austerity has failed miserably, and that has been an inarguable fact many need to wake up to. Money needs to be spent bolstering older infrastructure as well as building the new, and we are tired here of hearing what will not work. We see on a daily basis what has not worked ! What will no longer work, and what the citizens here will no longer accept is your rhetoric and lack of vision. This area can most definitely support the wages and has a great amount of people that want to work for that decent wage.

This is your playground, for so many of you, where you come to the Wisp, Deep Creek Lake, and Rocky Gap, but you refuse to see that the way you live hurts the way we live, as far as jobs and fair pay in terms of opportunity. I have lived both walks of life and have been in that mix on both ends enough to see and share the evident truths, and none of us have anytime left for closed minded politicians that do not represent the citizens across this great state of Maryland equally and with great fervor!

Look at the pictures here (above), and tell me... Do you see that wealth in the pictures of homes in Cumberland, and most of the surrounding foothills of Western Maryland ?

Do we really deserve more of the same ? Is this quote actually true (link below) ???

"Cumberland, Md. was ranked the 9th poorest city in the nation with a median household income of $34,819, according to 24/7 Wall St., citing data from the 2011 Census Bureau American Community Survey." See mpore at:

It will never work for Western Maryland if you start with the premise based on it will not work !

As a child I walked the halls of The Congress and The Senate, I have sat in Strom Thurmond's chair at his desk as a child. I have sat at Sam Hall's desk as well. I thought we all would have great opportunity as a child, as this was what I was so akin too. My neighbor's, my friend's parents many, worked on Capitol Hill, and we would often go with a parent on a weekend and visit the office while they put in extra hours of diligent work for our country.

I have more recently met and spoken with Jim Moran several years ago, and communicated with him my ideas about some particular topics, which I have a letter of support to those terms as well, and know how to be active, outspoken, and a man that has ideas to share so that we will have a healthier outlook as well as future.

My Letter from Jim Moran:

What will work here is Green Factories and a college campus to teach Green Era skills, such as a campus for Engineering through The University of Maryland , one of the most esteemed Engineering Colleges in the United States today, as an example, working hand in hand with W.V.U., Allegany College of Maryland, and Frostburg State University. What will work is proactive legislation that promotes this area and offers proper tax incentives that will make huge companies come here and build large businesses and run the responsibly, because we would not accept less. What will work here is professional educators that further bolster a fantastic city, Cumberland, where technology can be the emphasis, tourism a huge industry, which is currently the fastest growing in the entire state of Maryland, and education alongside employment the emphasis, and with family values for all. Where people will have jobs and not depend upon a system that offers a mere pittance of money and food stamps for failing its citizens. Where a tax base of solid educated employees will pay into the tax base and grow more revenue for our great state!

This was an idea first suggested to me by Dr, Efimba, a friend of mine with a doctorate from M.I.T. in Mathematics, and a 38 year tenured professorship at Howard University. This was his reply to me after I asked how could we help our small suffering city in Western Maryland to implement my ideas as published at The United States department of Energy.

Will raising the minimum wage accomplish all of this today, or can it be done today under these dire circumstances ? Absolutely not, because vision has not taken us quite to that level yet, and you have repeatedly failed us in that respect overall as politicians collectively thus far.

What it can do is start paving the way down the right path towards this promising future being so embraced today all over the country, and indeed the entire world.

What raising minimum wage will do is make opportunity where virtually none exists, and lift citizens out of poverty while the other needed changes are being made to fit the vision I have repeatedly outlined, for example, at The United States Department of Energy (Google: Swygert HRDC), for is that not the vision our entire country has already embraced, that I wrote of and was surprisingly published, and first spoke of the Green Era as an Era in any print form so published and acknowledged, and that we are most certainly in the midst of right now this very moment?

Obviously, we can not alone just merely raise minimum wage. It will take a collective of assertive and progressive actions in which to do so, but there is no time to waste either, as a minute today is a day of progress for our collective future, which our very livelihood perhaps hanging in the balance.

Here is further food for thought on the specific arguments of this particular topic. In my argument, what I will state is that if and when this takes place, it has to be within the framework of an overall larger picture that encompasses these larger wages and provides even more growth to afford these wages to be paid while all the while taking the burden of of the "system" and the small business man alike, so no one is encumbered with more debt in so doing, and a well worked out long term plan would furnish that vehicle for so doing.



This, as linked below, is certainly somewhat biased, so please read it with a grain of salt while considering my overall proposition that would further justify, with fewer specifics herein today, exactly how and why this is a certainty that needs to happen immediately, or if not, at all of our peril, for the economy will further suffer.

More money through new business, as well as more money for employees, bolsters both columns of the balance sheet, and there can be no real justifiable accounting without a relatively equal flow on both sides of the equation, and that is why I believe strongly that the emphasis must be on furthering the paradigm shift with even greater impetus on  that transition today, and by starting with infrastructure and building.

The best economies always exist around foundations of new building, be it in the physical aspect of factories, houses, and the likes or in the building of businesses, which means spending the money that has sat stagnant and kept the growth away from the marketplace. In order to grow this money, there needs to be a reasonable expectation of a solid and wise investor to see that in the long term he will reap a decent and fair market profit on his overall investment, and sometimes that simply takes a leveling of the playing field across the board, where it most certainly is not level at all today.

The leveling, again as mentioned two paragraphs ago, has to be in both columns, such that, the businesses that will be paying a higher minimum wage while building and moving further into this paradigm shift must have a fair and decent expectation that they will garner these paid wages to employees back in higher output, production, and efficiency, and the paradigm shift has that as an emphasis, as well as, and we need to see far ahead in vision here, not remove jobs from the marketplace due to automation, but add jobs to it through education.

This is not a one, or two, or three year plan, but, perhaps in all reality, a three decade plan of transition. However, it can pay huge dividends today, by taking away the liability the federal government has by paying so much in unemployment, food stamps, insurance benefits, and the likes and utilizing that money where it is much more needed, building this future with more efficient transportation, investing in de-centralized energy, better communications, and the likes.

With concerns to companies like Wal-Mart, we need massive legislation reform that will never allow serf like wages for the poor to be legal, while all the while, the federal and state governments pick up the slack at the hand of the tax payers while these corporate bigwigs reap exorbitant record setting profits, and all the while displace small businesses across the nation. This should no longer ever be acceptable, and it is common place today and an unfair and unethical practice as far as free enterprise is concerned in a classical sense.

I will not bother to site any links here as this is rather accepted as common knowledge today in all walks of life and can easily enough be "Googled" for additional information supporting these stated facts herein.

What Wal-Mart does as a standard business practice and policy, should be deemed as and made illegal, as they exploit our American laborers, laborers abroad, and should be made either, or both, illegal and criminal.

These practices are against a fair marketplace, and cost jobs and tax money from the base, as well as promote others to follow in kind in these diabolical and sinister practices.

Many companies like this can afford to pay higher wages, higher more employees, and will even have more patrons with more disposable income that are not forced to leech off of the system that they themselves are often times responsible placing them in.

In support of the preceding, please read this quote and the entire article in it's full context as linked below.

"Wal-Mart's pay practices have long been targeted by advocates of America's working poor.
So it was no surprise that it became national news when the discount retailer, the nation's biggest employer, asked workers at an Ohio store to contribute to a holiday food drive — for fellow workers.
Wal-Mart officials said the store-level effort spoke to employees' concern for each other, and that similar drives have been held in prior years.
But activists lobbying Congress for the first increase since 2007 in America's $7.25-per-hour minimum wage have seized on the food drive as fresh evidence for their cause.
"Wal-Mart is the largest employer of low-wage workers in the country, and they set the terms of this debate," says Judy Conti of the National Employment Law Project. "Don't add insult to injury and ask low-paid workers to help those even worse off."
The Wal-Mart food drive, and recent reports detailing a McDonald's website for employees thatsuggested selling possessions online at eBay for extra cash, come as the Senate — with President Obama's support — is poised to consider a bill that over three years would bump up the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour."

More specifically, back to my direct response to the WCBC report and quote (as a refresher)...

"Maryland’s Senate president braced his colleagues for a difficult debate over raising the state’s minimum wage and asked senators to be open to compromise- saying it can’t work in areas such as western Maryland. Senate President Mike Miller, D-Calvert, told senators during session it will be hard to find a solution to address economic differences in various parts of the state. The debate is complicated because Prince George’s and Montgomery counties in the suburbs of the nation’s capital already have decided to raise the wage to $11.50 by 2017. Miller said lawmakers from rural parts of Maryland such as Allegany and Garrett counties won’t be able to support an increase that high…"

...lawmakers from this area would most definitely support these changes on behalf of their constituents that demand it, as it is they who voted them into office. Furthermore, if this does not come to fruition, I would strongly suggest that they be relieved of their duties by whatever legal means needed to accomplish that, so that in all fairness, we can move forward as one state,  with one vision, and one agenda, and that is fairness in higher minimum hourly wages while we further transition forward with less fear and political rhetoric, as enough precious valuable time has been wasted while the citizens continue to suffer more deeply with no long term solution in sight, and all the while, the large corporations further abuse these conditions against their own employees unabashedly.

A short time ago, a company was able to take care of an employee, took honor in doing so, and made certain that they were well kept and valued, not dispensable and too oft, like today, forgotten!

Rigorous reform needs to take place now, such that, when the minimum wage increases, the buck is not passed on through higher prices with inflation virtually eliminating the wage increase.

The rules will have to change, and the effect of the change be absorbed equally until the long term fruition of the plan is able to take full effect in a more prosperous marketplace. Again, where there is more income, there is more purchasing power, more borrowing and therefore more lending, a better ability to pay debts, a better likelihood for higher education, more homes bought and sold, and just a more vigorous marketplace in every aspect.

Ultimately, we also need to break up the Big Banks, that have monopolized corporate policy and fleeced the collective riches of the citizens in the terms of the citizens being a part of a union which was the most powerful and influential, much of which we have sold away by borrowing to outside interest, which most certainly do not have our best interest at heart.

Alan Greenspan, shamefully admitted that he made a massive mistake and miscalculation before our historical downfall, and it is paraphrased herein:

October 23, 2008

"Badgered by lawmakers, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan denied the nation’s economic crisis was his fault on Thursday but conceded the meltdown had revealed a flaw in a lifetime of economic thinking and left him in a “state of shocked disbelief.”
Greenspan, who stepped down in 2006, called the banking and housing chaos a “once-in-a-century credit tsunami” that led to a breakdown in how the free market system functions. And he warned that things would get worse before they get better, with rising unemployment and no stabilization in housing prices for “many months.”
Gloomy economic reports backed him up. New jobless claims soared to just under 500,000 for last week, and Goldman Sachs, Chrysler and Xerox all said they were cutting thousands more workers. On Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrials bounced erratically all day before finishing up 172 points — after a two-day drop of nearly 750.
The financial crisis even prompted the Republican Greenspan, a staunch believer in free markets, to propose that government consider tougher regulations, including requiring financial firms that package mortgages into securities to keep a portion as a check on quality.
He said other regulatory changes should be considered, too, in such areas as fraud."
read the rest here ...

Before this "crash", he was the most infamous and notable and perhaps finest and well known expert of all time, but he failed to see what was happening in perhaps one of the most highly organized white collar schemes of all times, of which far too many have gone completely unaccounted for in their transgressions, and for well over 6 years, we at home, and no doubt the rest of the world, are paying the price dearly for his oversights through a lack of proper accountability and any real and honorable collective oversight as there needs to be, that still hardly exists in reality to prevent this exact same thing from happening again!

We were all tricked into the largest pyramid scheme that ever existed, while these men fleeced our riches and skated away into the sunset with huge smiles, fast cars, multiple huge mansions, and storied success, often highlighted in television and movies as the pinnacle to loft careers, for may to aspire too, and they are indeed the men that we should collectively despise, and still do not enough today.

I have no qualms with a man and his hard earned money made legitimately, but I have no use for any thief, ever, or at anytime!

I state these facts because I want to make sure moving forward we do not, in angst, forget the so recent lessons we seem to already be overlooking.

The people with money to invest are scared to invest because they think the house of cards will again fall and leave them penniless, and I will agree with them through experience, penniless is not a great place to be financially speaking.

I will also state that we must insure as we push further to make legal changes toward accountability, but further more, legal changes that insure these loopholes are not able to exist through simple and straight forward "programs" that are not over convoluted with details, as we all know what lies in the details!

What lessons have we learned thus far? How have we actually mended these downfalls and what remedies, legally, have we made to address these issues and keep them from ever happening again? Not nearly enough in my opinion.

It is time to pave that way towards progress that is clearly delineated from the past with aggressive measures and that takes legislators that understand that this is what we want, what the constituents demand, lest they will be seeking new employment themselves and stand along side us in the breadline of life.

" Saying it can’t work in areas such as western Maryland" simply not acceptable Senate President Mike Miller, D-Calvert.

This is a direct quote, as sited, that he told senators during session, it will be hard to find a solution to address economic differences in various parts of the state.

Vision never comes from a "cop out" attitude of indifference; it comes with a thinking far outside of the usual "box" where it can be seen in the mind's eye as a way to promising answers for all, after all, we are still America, right ?

We have to rise above this attitude of failure, this attitude of indifference, this attitude of virtually giving up... Is this not what we are best at?

It is more an attitude of I just do not care, or I am too ignorant to understand the dynamics of it all, or who gives a rat's ass !

Well, dear sir, we here, in Western Maryland, we give our lives towards this progress each and every day, and your words show a will of insensitivity and a lack of servitude to your very oath and constituents.

We, the constituents, are the ones with the power, not you, and I hope this is heard loud and clear, all across this great country and becomes a loud and symbolic deafening call of action and voice of reason as a catalyst to  bring about new vision that drastically changes the attitudes of a country very, very tired of unwillingly resting on its collective  laurels while be paralyzed by those who took an oath to office to lead us.

You are failing us! Each and everyday you carry this attitude forward, your voice wanes in our minds and another will step forward to lead, where you lack leadership and vision.

I hope you will delight the readership with a reply, but I rather expect to hear nary a word for a fortnight and then some time forward thereafter. Alas, perhaps we shall be surprised.

All sarcasm aside, we have to insist that this is a change the Western Maryland can count on as we move progressively forward!

You are seeking compromise where what is needed is massive reform! You cannot find answers in a lock box of problems! What can convince you and others that what we have done thus far has brought us to this exact pint in time and to continue down the same path is purely insanity ?

This entire Era in politics and change should be steadfastly embraced, as it is actually super historical and very exciting as we set course forward swiftly to a not very certain future amidst constant turmoil in every aspect of life, be it finances, religion, history, nature, politics, ad infinitum.

This is evolution at its finest, if the path is steadied for our entire existence, otherwise, we certainly cannot move along forward with several more decades of the same shenanigans that have failed and left us here at the utter cusp of failure on a wholesale level, and failure is indeed in the balance.

Under the new paradigm shift, there will be failure too indeed and success as well, as that is the way of the free market "weeding out" the best over the inferior, and the republicans can spend away and make profit too while the Democrats can embrace Green Era technology and swift efficient change as the paradigm has shifted already this exact way, and it is time to get on board or be left very, very far behind.

This is happening NOW, and to keep fair wages from our citizens here today, and longer, only further stifles this amazing revolutionary marketplace shift that we should all be embracing.

Can you imagine this ?:

June 19, 2013


"A CSX Transportation representative told a gathering of local economic development officials Wednesday that there are properties locally that may be attractive to rail use companies and recommended the Barton Industrial Park for consideration for marketing by the transportation giant.

Jennifer Tanner, an industrial development manager for CSX, spoke about placing the property for future considerations with CSX as part of its site select program.

“I’m a site selector for the railroad for the businesses that want to come onto rail,” said Tanner.

The meeting was held at the Allegany County Chamber of Commerce. Tanner gave a presentation on CSX, which operates 21,000 miles of rail lines east of the Mississippi River, prior to talking about the site select program.

Both Mexico Farms and the Barton Industrial Park, along U.S. Route 220, were mentioned. However, Tanner gave special attention to Barton, which has 100 acres available beside the tract that holds American Woodmark Inc.

“Having 100 acres of contingent land is awesome, with access to two interstates. It also has rail running along it. Not many communities have this,” said Tanner.

Tanner said she could place the Barton tract in the program if everyone was in agreement."

(rest of the article at this link:)

This is the exact type of Green Era business I envision herein, efficient hubs of distribution for these newer products we should be producing at home in local factories throughout the nation, just like what could be here in the above example, if ever followed through. What will it take to see that investment here locally ?, or elsewhere for other localities across The United States?

Also, I would like to add, what about a state plan, or a federal plan, that is akin to the "New Deal" under Roosevelt's Administration?

"The New Deal was a series of domestic programs enacted in the United States between 1933 and 1938. They involved laws passed by Congress as well as presidential executive orders during the first term of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The programs were in response to the Great Depression, and focused on what historians call the "3 Rs": Relief, Recovery, and Reform. That is Relief for the unemployed and poor; Recovery of the economy to normal levels; and Reform of the financial system to prevent a repeat depression."

Upon accepting the 1932 Democratic nomination for president, Franklin Roosevelt promised "a new deal for the American people".

Throughout the nation men and women, forgotten in the political philosophy of the Government, look to us here for guidance and for more equitable opportunity to share in the distribution of national wealth... I pledge myself to a new deal for the American

people. This is more than a political campaign. It is a call to arms.
Roosevelt entered office without a specific set of plans for dealing with the Great Depression; so he improvised as Congress listened to a very wide variety of voices. Among Roosevelt's more famous advisers was an informal "Brain Trust": a group that tended to view pragmatic government intervention in the economy positively. His choice for Secretary of LaborFrances Perkins, greatly influenced his initiatives. Her list of what her priorities would be if she took the job illustrates: "a forty-hour workweek, a minimum wage, worker's compensation, unemployment compensation, a federal law banning child labor, direct federal aid for unemployment relief, Social Security, a revitalized public employment service and health insurance."

A plan where those that want to and need to work can be offered jobs in civil service that builds this newer and better infrastructure today, and not later at our own peril !!!

Study the great works of the C.C.C., as a great example, and understand further what can be accomplished with leadership that works together outside of the tethers of party loyalty and lobbying by corporate giants, and do what is right for a change, for the people and by the people.

We live in a day and age where we can embrace technology and grow big business all the while being more friendly to Mother Earth and provide amazing jobs! What on this Earth would hold anyone back from supporting that type of significant nation building progress?

I look forward to a time again when the world deems the American Dream the only Dream, and where great men, veterans, like my Father, a retired West Point Colonel class of 1952, and an Engineer and Mathematician, from the, "Last Great Generation" can have confidence that the dream they gave there all for has not passed away and become an abstract, never obtainable again.

To deny fair wages to the citizens and have them sustained on welfare is as med-evil and cruel as royalty was to the serfs, and is there really much difference today by comparison?

History shares and illustrates many, many answers, and keeping fair wages from the citizens is not in any of those history books as a valued lesson of fairness or prosperity for anyone receiving those small and meager earnings, in fact, here is a great story that best exemplifies the logic behind higher wages, which are lessons many.

My Great-Grandfather, R.J.H. DeLoach, was close friends with Henry Ford, a man who paid his factory workers well above the "going rate" because he understood how this would build much more then just a great company. I have studied here greatly reading my Great Grandfather's work as well as others from his time, also friends, such as John Burroughs, Firestone, Edison, and the likes, all the industry leaders from that times paradigm shift.

Perhaps this article explains it greater then the story that is so well revered, however mis-construed, and the principles in business apply herein very well. Please do read the entire article at this link to garner the entire picture for its full weight and value and worth, as it has a multitude of lessons in ll reality, and greater then the story as commonly mis-understood.

I wanted to include this picture of my Great Grandfather with these men.

Left to right, seated is R.J.H. DeLoach, the taller of the two men behind him is Edison and the shorter is Firestone's son, on top is, left, John Burroughs and right, Henry Ford, and standing on the right is Firestone.

The times above were quite different perhaps at first glance, but the issues were not entirely different at all, and the principles utilized then can still work now, and have proven to be great principles of success when well studied and understood, because they did not lack vision. These principles may not have been perfect, but as principles are, they were at the very least fair and as moral as possible in business.

This is no longer a political game, this is a dire request for aggressive, swift, efficient, progressive change over stagnation !!!

People, as an example, in my city here Cumberland, die every year in house fires because they cannot afford to have proper electrical circuits, efficient modern heating, and for a plethora of other basically financial reasons. I do not remember anything like this happening as a youth on such a regular interval where I grew up, where the wealth per capita was much higher, and the suffering non existent, as it still is there today.

Why should the people here in Cumberland, Maryland continue to suffer this way as the  have for decades when the industrial factories made a mass exodus and then were followed by the while collar supporting office jobs that went along with hose very businesses, as well as more recent departures such as Bayliner and Beiderlack?

Kelly Tire closed in 1987.



There is a huge list of other large corporations that left this area and closed their doors for good that has still since those days left a void of jobs to yet be filled. This also contains some amazing history of this brilliant shining tough and sturdy surviving city.,_Maryland

The program outlined in my article (Google HRDC Swygert) emphasizes many fortes about how a program like that works for everyone, not just a select few in business alone that already have a huge wage, but more commonly assisting the average guy with a decent living wage and money to place back into that very same economy that will therefore grow larger. Why nor emulate that program on many levels, such as with solar panels for homes to supplement energy and further conserve it, with a business plan that does not cost in the way of subsidizing, but rather, further educates more folks for that type of employment. Or, producing L.E.D., lighting and having it installed by small businesses that have a fair shake of the stick against massive corporations.

This type of program will work in any marketplace really, as long as small businesses get the proper legal changes and incentives that let them practice business against larger corporations on an even playing field, something that was legislated away a long time ago in almost every market place! What is wrong is the way we conduct business overall, and it is these poor principles and practices that have made minimum wage a laughing stock in the modern world in which we live today.

Back for a moment to Green Era Industry, this area where I reside, in Western Maryland, could so easily be a Green Era hub for the entire North East; as we are centrally located between Washington D.C., Baltimore, ad Pittsburgh, have major interstates, railroads, and a huge airport for a small town, a Federally Approved airport at that, as well as warehouses and thousands of people that want to work. However, that cannot and will not ever happen if the local, state, and federal politicians get on the same page to promote the overall agenda and all the while preserve the way of life we so respect here. It takes progressive and modern action in the way of legislation, programs, and education, and we need money spent in those areas, not subsidizing businesses that are run at a loss, or at even a cost to the country or state, at least for the long term.

I hope you do not take offense to my words herein, but rather utilize them as a catalyst to spark some more progress in this direction and come visit what will certainly be a state of the art area for a hub of business, rather then a forgotten post-industrial cesspool that further costs the state more and more money.

We want to be self sustaining and can be, but not under the grips of the past paradigm still holding on...and for what ? Cumberland itself has just recently enjoyed a budget in the black for the first time since 2007 because we have progressive leaders that set aside political opposition in favor of progress, and we demand change and work hard together for that very change we are seeing at a breakneck pace all around our city today.

We are already building for this future, and we are asking for your help not in dollars per se, but in overall vision that will take hold and further mold and forge this new emerging and powerful marketplace, and those that will surely follow in support of it's footsteps.

Have you read about the energy giant, Duke Power, all throughout the press, and the great strides they are making while re-organizing with an emphasis in Green Energy, better power distribution, and cleaner burning coal plants, alongside better policy that conforms to this paradigm shift?

The huge corporations are already ahead of the curve while the politicians seem to lag behind and not even fully observe the writing on the wall that with a paradigm shift comes an entire shift in the way "everything: is done from that point forward, leaving our old archaic and failed ways in the past.

November 16, 2013

Duke Energy proposes green energy pilot for NC

What on earth is there left to lose at this point? People here are more desperate then I have ever seen at anytime in my entire life. Desperate for work, desperate for self respect, desperate to feed their children, desperate to have even a sliver of the, "Great American Pie", we all want to share, taste and enjoy.

Is that so much to ask for?

Invest in Western Maryland, and simply stop looking the other way without even acknowledging the greatness that resides here during our country's re-emergence as a powerful leader.

Do not have a lack of vision and say raising minimum wage cannot work; it can work with the proper adjustments made to let it work, and work well it will.

It is no secret that General George Washington, loved Cumberland, Maryland. He loved Western Maryland ! Our greatest President ever, and one of our. "Founding Father's", he is also the visionary behind the founding of West Point, The United States Military Academy.

He was a great General and a leader that saw this place as an important foothold of the early United States, and I see the exact same thing in this modern era.

I grew up in a home in Mt.Vernon Virginia, on property that was once a part of his vast farm. I have walked the hallowed halls of West Point - The U.S. Military Academy , along with my Father and my brother, both graduates.

I have visited his headquarters here in Cumberland, now close to what was once Fort Cumberland. I have been to Pittsburgh many times, another famous early Washington outpost as well, near Ft. Duquesne, and I understand what it was he must have felt along those same paths I have fortunately traveled.

We must dare to envision what can be, or nothing left there will ever be!

Watch and suffer alongside the men and women as I have here and look me in my eyes and tell me raising minimum wage will not work!..., for that is the very least these fine people so deserve in Western Maryland, as well as the rest of my beloved, your beloved, country !

Did General Washington gain the respect of an entire nation and accept the Presidency on their behalf, rather meagerly I may add, to fail them?

You are failing all of us when you maintain an attitude of indifference and lack the vision to see that for itself, and what else you cannot see, in turn, is quite amazing. When I say, "you", I mean not an individual per se personally, but in a broader scope, such that it applies to all that cannot understand that this is something that must be done in the name and principle of fairness.

Are we all the way back at Fort Necessity once again, and has all this been for not ?