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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bliss 12 + Years for Certain Then We Pay for Such Greeds

12 + years or so of economic Bliss,

I'm going to tell you all about this shit before it happens and it gets pretty intense,

I watched it once before in 98, a practice in motion, a beautiful quiet and steady so brilliant yet not caught thief and a theft so slick it's like it'd of nobody's fucking interest, (the feds said there were many other things to do, it was truly the worst of times getting worse all along !... I live in the front lines if life and I see the suffering daily all around, life is very tough and most not know of yet what is to most certainly come, hardship and intended frugality no money ever again so stolen now it's gone already no more ever again to flow like wine ) Am I getting through and  hope your not like all the others far too dense,

Not everything in life rhymes ir is in rhythm now or follows our usual and so common sense,

Truthfully the citizens were being robbed blind, let me tell you all  about this,

A Man Named Trump on top so rich he was President to a Vice President as a valuable as a penny with the last name Pence,

I'm going to try to explain all of this to you and hopefully it will make some sense.


It's important to be a student of History even if history is what you hate,

Every history teacher will tell you when you ask them why should I study the subject I don't even care about and they tell you because history repeats itself in one way or shape,

I'm concerned about my little city here and home comma my entire nation comma and of course just like each of you our own home beautiful state,

What I want to share with you is because I have seen all of this once before perhaps maybe these people this time won't run away with all of the loot and just so easily skate and escape.


First, there is this egomaniacal leader who sets a fine example and expects that is the way for everybody exactly to be?

We're all just working together and contributing to build our country and working on a mission one way or another all just a hive full of bees,

Understand most important of all that they change the law so that when they become see what they're doing now is no longer but now legal and done with the greatest of ease,

And they used technology that nobody except the elite has and they erase their race before the public ever has access to this type of technology and nobody can ever find or make sense of the theft but we all know we're broke and they get away with it such planned conspiracy thuggery and sleaze.

First was the conspiracy to over-inflate the marketplace and all of a sudden everything was worth x 3 or maybe x 4 comma and you paragraph all the advertising would be non stop in your face and they would be telling you that money was for free and go ahead and borrow some cash and do whatever you want with it take out a second mortgage and enjoy for yourself a line of equity,

When do this millions and millions of times over while changing the rules of lending by bending the law and making it so that everybody can have a house and we even had loans where you didn't have to be qualified it was just certainly made far too insanely, just show up with $4,500 down and there's no other qualification you own a house, easy! ~ oh yeah I know it don't rhyme and you're not even supposed to read this part of the problem it's just a side note so most people won't get this far and understand that a lot of these people got these unqualified mortgages on these houses and they were adjustable-rate mortgages also so after a set. Of time which could have been a 3:27 or 7:23 or 5:15 he knows what kind of warm it was but my point is all the sudden the interest rate goes up the economy crashes these people have mortgage payments that have doubled or more and they can't keep up with them and this is what happened to a lot of unqualified mortgages so these things that were all blown up and price existed on a foundation that did not exist because there was no wealth there to back it all up. We have not recovered from that yet because it was that massive and the largest frog that still hasn't been really truly recognized because it goes deep into the banking and that goes deep into a culture and a lifestyle and a select group of people and it is still reverberating through that entire machine that has so disgustingly abused their positions in ways that will historically compared with some of the most disgusting people of all time but the good thing is those people generally get forgotten first because he wants to remember them? Adjustable rate mortgages Bill where do your due diligence because all the stuff's going to repeat real soon the economy is going to go gangbusters everybody that wants to buy house is going to buy house money is already at 0% interest on some vehicles that everybody is going out and buying right now or only 2% very cheap and it's all based on nothing once again. I watched my first big stuff like this in the eighties and then again as I'm describing here in and I'm telling you what's to come and there's no doubt about it in my mind because this is exactly how all of these groups of elite people act and it is corrupt because it is the exact kind of behavior that by definition is conspiratorial when there are crimes committed because these crimes are coordinated and it is so obvious it is unbelievable and we let them get away with it over and over and I do not know why people are not scared to step up and recall the votes of these slick people. We are too scared and I'm going to use these parentheses in the side note 2 State a couple of things that go along with this crazy plan because it's important to understand the history of how things are right we have a country that's being stolen over and over again in different ways and for most people they don't care if they have a new car a house and a beer and everybody's got a little cash in their pocket and the bills are paid and all those other dreams are up-and-coming and everybody's on the same fucking schedule. That's all well and good when it exists but that has disappeared and his disappearing quicker and quicker with less infrastructure to assist those that are suffering and in need and whose numbers are going to only increase very swiftly with the largest retirement generation upon us right now as we speak and also a massive Medical Professional shortage so wrap all of that around your head and realize what is about to happen because it will be catastrophic and it will be paradigm-shifting if we survive through it and we best start planning now but most are totally unaware of what is coming. These candidates it doesn't matter are going to run this machine very hard and they are going to put us in the Forefront of many things and if we can bring manufacturing back to United States and provide tens of millions of jobs then we would truly be in great shape. We need new modern foundries 4 Steele and we need to be able to manufacture everything here for our military. There should never be an exception to that rule ever. We should curb our trade with countries that are not reciprocal. If the supply and demand is out of balance just because that is how the people meaning the citizens of those countries wants to buy and sell them that is fine but if the country's policies are restrictive and making it unfair and unbalanced as a result of their restrictive regulations than those parties of importing exporting would be regulated much more tightly and if not fair with us we would only reciprocate with them what we were offered. It's obviously time to look at some of these older agreements because today is a new day and age and old agreements don't apply to a world that is completely different from the time it was written. It is only logical and rational 2 review all things in due time if they are things that affect society each day. We know that we change and that the world changes and so too does policy as this business has does the rivers and oceans and the Seas, we each all have the same and flu and if we are able to surface and survive then we are successful if we are not hurting but we are helping somehow along that way. When the economy shrunk because people started to realize there was no wealth and no real true value and some companies fell hard and the stock market crashed, ... well I'm telling you to listen up because after the next 12 years were going to do it again we're going to repeat I tell you were going to repeat and do it again. I bet you thought after all of that I would forget the closing parenthesis),

I called the FBI I let them know what I saw with my very very own eyes and I let them know where it was that I had this gut feeling about and I was just point blank ask did you see any laws broken and I I'm not well-versed enough at the time to even explain the technology we are able to utilize which is so far ahead of its time it's impossible to be outlawed and too slick to be caught and just know something's not right because the money is Flowing like wine and I've never seen so many people show up to work happy and working long hours but showing up early and on time. At first as far as working it was a little tough until I found my groove. Then I hit my stride and I was the best at what I did and crushed everybody else anywhere nearby. I was promoted to be the marketing manager which was just simple babysitting because I had excellent support department to study Big Data that helped us make decisions to go in certain directions with certain parties and be able to garner huge percentages of transactions from somewhere list through a paperwork and digital trail impossible to connect all turned into non existent funds now trusted and diligently traded upon, all blown up through overly inflated on purpose by appraisers writing massive $$$ amounts on the appraisals, on some now again years passed ready even the ones that purchased unqualified, now all of a sudden getting rich for nothing, hush money for the masses, while mysteriously vanishing all liquidity of this nation hard from work and frugaluty, now rich... While $$$ vanishes into offshore accounts to didapoear forever, not hundreds of millions, or even billions, be,
TRILLIONS, sweet,!!!

And so goES EASILY DO MUSH $$$, paid so sweet too, for our services effective and the finest, most definitely a hell of a lot of money like most have never seen or will, but I know what I saw and was paid with my own eyes, indeed.

Double check #