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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Formula for Theft Without A Trace Part 4 ~ I Am Program ~ Excerpt

Securitize on the beach at this AA convention and we really just wanted to go to spend time with each other and find out if we really dug each other or not. She was then the hippie I've now turned out to be and we'd probably get along great but she's probably now the conservative I was then cuz that's just the way of ebenflow the yin and the yang the good the bad just pick your perspective whatever it is working for you but that is universal law and I think most people understand that every float quite well especially the longer you live. I thought maybe we would have some kids and I'd stick with her honestly because we talked about it and we were like perfect together but something Freak her out. I probably checked out some stuff on that computer that day that bugs her but that's my own private business and who cares anyway what difference does that make about anything of a person's character. If you looked at porn does that make you love somebody more or less we all know that's absurd. I offered to save her and her children just in case we were going to be attacked and cell activity would break out and major cities and that we can take my van trade in my computer for some rifles and shotguns and head to the mountains but we would have to get my parents and have them follow us as whoever she wanted to get also and I think she thought I was nuts but I had a back-up plan and she didn't and I have studied all of this stuff and it was to the T exactly the type of attack that we studied. So I didn't marry my next wife she got away but I really like to see her and I wish to remember her last name. Is really while being in her house there it was a beautiful apartment on the 7th or 8th floor and so when I leaned out the balcony I could not see the Pentagon until I leaned really far and then I could see the smoke absolutely just pulling up into the sky dark black at first deeper color it was really intense. I did not hear anything out of the ordinary but it should that they took everything with adeep jarring ramming type of action I can't quite describe and I'll keep thinking about how to put words on it because it's like nothing you know unless you experienced it before.

My first memory was an airplane crash and in the crash dick Schram died.  and that in Reading Pennsylvania and you can read about it online.There is a thud when a plane crashes. There is something else too. A wave you know is coming that passes and makes your body flutter or feel like it's floating in the ocean bobbing for a split second and you know there's nobody that could have lived,... instantly you know this.

Look up the date when Dick Schram died and then realize I was born on Christmas Eve of 1967 and I could not talk and some out from inside a stroller that was up pretty high I knew instantly this man died when I saw his plane crash and I felt the wave that I have felt a few times before and it is hard to explain but nobody ever lived when you feel it. How did I understand the loss of life before I could speak?

The Pentagon airplane definitely had that same feeling if that is indeed what hit it and I looked out the balcony immediately because I knew it was something significant but I also thought perhaps it was just some type of construction because you get used to hearing things like this in certain areas Kama especially when you're near the big city. A

I was talking to a lady friend in New York City on MSN Messenger and her name is like red hot lips at and maybe a number but I don't remember the rest and she told me about all of this stuff and then never talked to her since that day and I pray to God she was okay because she was nearby. It was so strange to be talking to her and she might be gone and how close I was to where another plane hit. Now I live in Cumberland Maryland and the other one came down close to here with Heroes that crash that claimed and would not let it hit the destination that would hurt more people or our country, true heroes everybody involved that day. I miss my friend Judy and talking to her and this is the first time since then I've been able to remember her name. Maybe I'll be able to go to search and find something now have a little bit more to go on but that's a lot and she was a model and she was married and really loved her husband but they didn't get a lot of time together and it's possible he had a restaurant but I'm not sure about that part we just had a good time talking and laughing and really clicked nicely together as friends and I really appreciate a chat partner like that and we were able to bounce stuff off each other and it was beautifully helpful.

Should we get off on these tangents and wonder why but there must be something in there that fits back to that story that would teach something and sometimes these little fragments of stories are good information to have just sitting in your mind so that was something else happens there's an instantaneous recall all this information and all the sudden something that was just on standby waiting becomes aplicable and fully understood through experience all of a sudden on a whim.

That was a hell of a day I called my ex-wife we were still married but estranged and I had to find out how her father was because of the time he ran the center for Army analysis. His meeting in the morning was at the Pentagon in the wing that got hit and it was cancelled at the last minute. We didn't know anything about any of that until very far into the latter end of the day and the beautiful thing was no matter our own stupid differences that was set aside for the greater good and prayers towards my father-in-law. I talked to him pretty often and I listened even better and I knew how often computers were upgraded so I could tell when somebody had a pretty good Edge over others and business and I just paid attention carefully. We spend a hell of a lot of money and computers to they were powerful and there's no doubt we had a great ass and we had a lot of people coming into our office trying to see how on Earth we were able to find somebody lives because we had a machine that we got fired up and run perfect and we made money like nobody else could make.
The back to the story of the beginning and maybe a little jar a little memory through this cryptic forgetfulness. Somebody's gotta knowledge ahead of time and they have technology in the utilize both 3 conspiracy to gain an upper hand in business and essentially that would be stealing money through Insider information which is illegal, but probably happening all the time. Now it might not be illegal if certain laws were changed but if those laws were changed without their knowledge of how computing would completely revolutionize the marketplace then theoretically somebody could certainly take advantage of that loophole and get away with it for a very long time.

We have a lot of smart people and a lot of great technology and we have laws that changed and people with that knowledge and no doubt there's any other information used all the time with the finest technology to make millions and hundreds of millions of dollars and it's tough. There's no doubt these things happen regularly although it's becoming more difficult once again fortunately.

Lending and banking has changed quite a bit and they broke away from the rules they want you switch to degree is a shame because they broke a well running machine themselves by making these changes as these changes were well honored and regarded as what would make Lending successful and fair versus a failure and a burden to our overall economy. We have lending creditors today such as Car Loan and Pawn shops in other places that advertise heavily and we used to not have that type of culture as much as we do now in America and it is especially targeted towards the low end of the middle class or all of what would be considered the class which is lowest on the scale of echelon.

Once again we need to study the scale here of how our systems work with the population that we have because I think we are too large for the systems and need to break it down into regions that makes more sense.

I love to live in Maryland in this year 3086 and about Maryland... Maryland which is part of Region 1 of the Federated States of the United States of America composed of 3 Regions.

There is no evidence and my life there on planet  Nrberbdidbrvddg ( I just typed this while I fell asleep with my phone in my hand so I'm going to use it on adapted my story for this)

Region 1 is beautiful in the Fall... and always be wary of those that are quiet and do not want to be friends with anybody. The quiet accountant is always up to something. Don't try to pull that shit on me mother fucker. When I track you tomorrow you will not milk the tit that you have stolen from.

Until then I am up here on Mars when I'm inside my personal pod which is about 30 by 20 and flies quite nicely and today I am parked when a beautiful landing area I have worked on and I am hot on Mountain's Edge near the peak and tucked under a beautiful cliff in a cave with the most incredible View and this has been declared my Mars summer home. Nobody thought it was possible but we found enough minerals here quickly to make some factories and produced some incredible flying machines with graphene and other exotic minerals we mine for and we shipped back and forth to Earth quite a bit now. Did you ever think we'd have Amazon Mars? Okay I'm taking my nap now because this is almost too much to take in. The space shuttle is retired and they never even thought it was going to be able to fly by now.

I'm really here on Earth and I am going to go to sleep right now after riding a lot of this chicken scratch today and it is in my dreams that I do often visit Mars and it is beautiful and one way or another I'm going to Mars one day for sure, or at least part of me!

But where will my spirit be and what does it need to continue to exist? Why are out relatively able to speak with US from Th e other side?

Mother, I miss you dearly and will surely see you in the blink of a geological eye. As the passage of time fly's furiously faster and faster from the points of light where our earthly bound stars burned out and so therefore even further away from our points of view, and I think of myself completely above and observing all of this motion. I see your light and then I see my life and when we Departed the earth I see our Stars dimming and I