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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Spoiler Party ~ Part 1

I think we need to have an additional party this election cycle and I think that party will have to be named the "Spoiler" party.

The reason I chose this name is because of the discontent right now with the reality of our situation in the United States of America. This would invite a strong candidates back into the race so that of the three parties running the Independent party couldn't hurt the party most like it.

To qualify as a spoiler you would have had to have run and dropped out or not dropped out yet. You previous political affiliation would not matter one single bit. Your previous affiliation of political parties actually will stay the same and with the - spoiler added to show that you were a strong candidate and very likely to take an election because of questionable considerations by one or more candidates in the presidential race that put our country in grave Danger.

Bernie Sanders should run on the spoiler ticket and when this presidential election. To qualify you would also have to have one of the parties approval either by vocal backing of you as a candidate on the spoiler ticket or buy not supporting the candidate nominated by their party. Please criteria have to be met to be a spoiler otherwise what this party stands for will not work.

There would be no money spent advertising at all or lobbying at all for this party we would all be directly as a result because of the failures of the other parties through such things as debate appearances, personal attacks through advertising or in person even on the air during a debate. My point is to be the nominee for the spoiler party absolutely no money is allowed to be spent by this party whatsoever in any way shape or form. Their victories result because of other parties failures and wasted money that could have been used better. 1 ideal here is the value of money in this party and how important it is that every single dollar be properly accounted for and the promise of the most modern of Technology alongside men promising a proper accounting for all of the public to see at any time exactly how funds are spent and the transparency project that the spoiler party will be has been inspired to sponsor which will be our budget on line above in real time as best possible with the knowledge that the government offers the public today and perhaps that tool can be used with a scrutinizing public sigh to save dollars and shift funds where needed and always make sure we're not buying million-dollar hammers that are $8 at the hardware store. I think you understand the gist of what I'm saying with and this is a proper name and title project transparency, it would be a real-time budget that the public can analyze so that the funds of the United States of America in the way we spend our money and what our banking philosophy is at any given moment and what logic and reasoning lies behind that given moment philosophy is and we would also wants to better understand the logistics and projections forward based on all data sets from past experience available.

Project Transparency and The Spoiler Party who would not be allowed to be claimed by any candidate until three months before the day of election.

This candidate would need to be sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States and its Bill of Rights as well as defend this country against any threat foreign or domestic. This would be aired live over NE and every access point to the media Possible Be public or private with public invitation to broadcast for free at any given time and promoted.

The party would only be allowed to have a volunteer staff of 10 people and of course as much Secret Service as the government would offer. There would be set salaries voted on yearly by board members and board members would consist of only past select people that served under this presidency comma yet to be determined. They would be life members but the newest person serving in their position would hold that vote in the event of a death with the eldest always carrying the 31st if there is three four or five generations let's say which would be unlikely but possible and always the eldest would have the vote only unless you wanted to pass.

Only donations would be accepted to run operations and operations would consist only of travel and paying the staff of 10 people and promotion is not allowed in the budget or a part of how this party operates because we already know that people understand what this party is and that we will be written about so that you can study it very carefully.

This party would respect the privacy of the individual but would suggest strongly due to the parties belief of transparency that this candidate would one offer their taxes for the last decade before this date including the current tax filing and secondarily but in a physical and a medical history review by a panel of doctors selected by the 12 senior board of directors and current president and it being suggested these findings be shared only online for all of the public to see and not allowed to be printed because of this suggested we preserve our resources and be better stewards to our beautiful mother earth our host planet.

I would suggest these things as the founder to the spoiler party and I might add to it a little bit but I would keep most of it extremely simple and this party would appear in elections where it was appropriate by definition and by definition it would not be allowed to exist during other Cycles. If it was to run during a cycle where it did not fit the profile it would simply be stealing votes and could be utilized manipulative Lee so that a candidate can win and that is why because of definition it would not allowed to be able to exist.

I apologize if this jumbles around a little bit back and forth and I will reorganize it has this grows.

What is important is that this party cannot be manipulated and that this party only exist again because of definition and from that meeting the circumstances that arise and dictate that it can indeed exist and when it does that spoiler candidate has to

It's common knowledge we have two major parties one being called the Democratic party and the other being called the Republican Party. The third strongest party of recent history is the Independent party and it is powerful in its own right because the votes that it gets can be the votes that the losing candidate could have one with most often.

Today we have an opportunist as the nominee for the Republican party and many Republicans that do not recognize him as their nomination. The fact is that there is discontent amongst the Republicans and the nominee. That is an indisputable fact of this election cycle that needs to be noted for history. Less than two months away from the actual election in November the day we actually vote, there have been recent defections for this nominee.

The other nominee has lived in the White House and has been a politician for most of a lifetime and for over three decades represented her party butt has consistently throughout an entire lifetime been involved with in the least unscrupulous situations and most often very very questionably criminal and often with millions of dollars spent investigating these situations regardless of their outcomes. When we have unscrupulous politicians the taxpayers will pay exorbitant amounts of money too often solve nothing.

The Independent party strength comes in the form of a strange predicament where typically the votes they receive are votes that the losing candidate could have won the election with. Often times the independent and the losing Hardy are very close to being similar with their points of view and almost seemed as if they would be a natural pair to run together and set their differences aside meaning one be the president and the other the vice president on the major parties tickets thus gaining the independence vote and the parties Foods and then the actual presidency on Election Day. Everybody looks for a perfect fit when they're running for president and vice president because there's so much media involved and it looks are important today but what is important is a Formula that will win and I just outlined that for the Republican Party.

This election cycle after 8 years of Obama I still wait for the other foot to drop with either a tragedy or some absolutely incredible Earth shattering scandalous news on top of the already scandalous news we've heard and I expect Bernie Sanders to still be in this race. I have expected that he will indeed replace Hillary Clinton however it might be smart to make a 4th party now and declare him on the ticket for that 4th party and I offered you the name above and I chose that name because of the conditions I have outlined here within when we have opportunists and criminals as our only candidates to vote for or a very valid looking candidate only because this person hasn't been attacked like the other candidates and they haven't spent the time nor money to do so because it's an impossibility for this candidate to win, but as I said this candidate has great power. If the Democrats are wise they say that if you don't like that Republican candidate and you sure don't agree with us then we really suggest you vote independent and that's exactly what you're looking for and that's why we have that party. I vote for that Independent party is a vote for the Democrats and if they know it they will be wise and use that over and over again. That makes that a no win for the Republican Party and less as I outlined within they follow my path, or something very persuasively clothes like this suggestion, the standing independent Party candidate steps down and no longer runs on the ticket but endorses the other parties vice presidency choice having passed on that offer themselves and is stepping out of the race to show how much they endorse that candidate knowing that these votes are the votes that dictate Victory or defeat.

The problem this election cycle is we have the opportunist heading one party with many of that party's leadership not endorsing this particular candidate. What on earth does that mean for the American people? Will there be a recall of the presidential election because the candidate elected did not stand for the party platform that he was elected on? Is it possible to have a presidential election recall?

So what name would you name a 4th party? This party would only run when in this type of situation?