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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Green Eyes ~ Poetry circa 1999~2001

Green Eyes

Your Green Eyes, warming my cold heart, 

Melting the ice of my soul with tender glances, 

Refreshing like the Rains of Spring, 

The fire in my heart wildly dances. 

Your Smile, sweet and wonderful, 

Like your Kisses, set me free,

Cleansing away my lost romances, 

I love that you simply love me for me. 

Your derriere, shan't I say more? 

Drives my natural manly desires, 

No amount of time spent together, 

Can douse for you my passionate fires.

Immensely enjoying the little shared time, 

That we are able to spend together,
Fantasies fill the vacant times, 

You're the woman of all my pleasures.

Kiss me my sweetness, long and tender, 

I want again and again to taste your lips,

You have added a flavor to my life, 

You'll always be my caramel twist.