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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Leaving The Ones You Love ~ A Poem I wrote circa 1999

Leaving The Ones You Love

By John Stephen Swygert
Honestly, today I parted ways with my wife, 
not a part of the plans I had for our life, 
my step-children too...Oh, how I will be missing you. 
I can not describe the sort of pain, 
loneliness mildly insane, 
but I do have faith in the father above, 
and out of this, there will be something gained. 
Goodbye my precious ones, 
Goodbye my Love, 
You are now as far away, 
as the heavens above. 
I will miss you always, 
and I will miss you forever, 
is this really the end ? 
I would like to believe never. 
But for now I am empty again.