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Saturday, June 23, 2012

HARD TO FATHOM ~ A Poem I Wrote on September 11, 2001 ~ 9-11-2001

Hard To Fathom

Still hard to fathom, 
The utter shock of it all, 
Terrorists bombed New York, 
And Washington D.C., 
I watched the trade towers fall. 

Airplanes full of fuel, 
For cross country flight, 
Used as weapons of destruction, 
America spent a sleepless night. 

Do not be angry with God, 
For he did not commit this act, 
It was spiritually sick people, 
They chose free will, and that’s a fact. 

And please do not be racist, 
Because it will be to no avail, 
This is not a races responsibility, 
And racism is doomed to fail.
Practice love and tolerance, 
It starts here, right at home, 
Love all of god’s children, 
Not leaving an unturned a stone. 

I love all my brother’s, 
And all my sister’s alike, 
Makes no matter their religion, 
And skin tone no reason to fight.
We are all god’s children, 
Together we must survive, 
So let’s practice principles together, 
For peace on earth, we now must strive. 


I wrote this (and two other poems) within the first fifteen minutes of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

I have copied these from my very old poetry site, which is an old geocities site ( now restored to a degree).

I was about a mile from the Pentagon on that fateful day.

My Father, a Colonel, had worked there for a great part of his career, as well as my just very recently at the time ex-Father in Law, both highly dedicated men to their country and family.

My ex-Father in law was even scheduled to have a meeting there that morning, which had been canceled, as I was told much later by my then estranged wife.

We had not spoken for a while at that point in time, but all barriers come crashing down when a real threat transpires.

Lessons from that day forth are quite difficult to quantify with words, other then to simply say, no matter your point of view pertaining to those events on that day, life has just quite simply never been the same.

This was a day of deep hurt and pain for me and a catalyst to me personally to rethink my life's values and aspirations.