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Saturday, June 23, 2012

REBUILD ME PLEASE ~ A Poem from my old site ~ circa 1996 / 2001


My life is full,
My cup runneth over,
My spirit restored,
My soul seems to hover.

My heart is on fire,
My passion restored,
My mind rejuvenated,
My love waits at your door.

I ask you to enter,
I ask you to stay,
I ask you to rebuild,
That which I chose to give way.

I ask you to show me,
I ask for your will,
I ask for your grace,
The patience to be still.

I offer my soul,
I offer from deep within,
I offer my heart,
Please forgive me my sins.

I offer my body,
I offer my mind,
I offer the past,
That I left behind.

Build me a castle,
Build me a soul,
Build me stronger,
As your faith I now hold.

Build me so perfect,
Build me to endure,
Build me a life,
To work for you Lord.

Take me, I am yours,
Take me and do,
Take me for whatever,
You want me to do.

Take me while I am blind,
Take me toward light,
Take me and show me,
Grant me your sight.

Show me green pastures,
Show me sunsets,
Show me your gifts,
I promise to share with the rest.

Show me your path,
Show me the way,
Show me all these things,
I desire you each day.

Thankful for life,
Thankful for serenity,
Thankful for sanity,
You restored so easily.

Thankful for grace,
Thankful for love,
Thankful for my Father,
In the heavens above.