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Monday, March 7, 2016

57 Chevy - English class 6th grade April 10th 1984

When I'm cruising down the strip,

I like to know my car looks slick.

Gleaming chrome and elegant style,

It sure beats driving the junk pile.

Big black wheels on mags that go round,

And when peeling out you get that awesome sound.

At the stoplight a Porsche arrives,

I rev my engine way up high.

Pedal to the floor I'm a flying, now the driver of the Porsche starts crying.

To the gas station the last trip of the day,

The part I hate is the price of gas I have to pay.

Driving home to let my car rest,

So it can perform once again and be the best.

In the morning I feel Drive,

In my car will come alive!