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Monday, March 7, 2016

Devilish Souls / Halloween - Poetry - MobiusTripz

October 22nd 1984

I wrote this along side my mother at our dining room table at the Alice + Residence Inn Alexandria Virginia. If I recall correctly this was from 6th grade and an assignment.


The devilish souls are lurking around,
and on Halloween you will hear many a strange sound.

So keep your watch because the devil may come,
and snatch you up just to have some fun.

Acts of aggression you may take out on you,
and you may be dead by the time he's through.

So be careful how you behave,
because it might be your road he decides to pave.


Now this is from a collection of poetry I wrote in my youth that I long thought lost but was later returned to me by a friend Stacey who I had forgotten she had had it since I was young, I had rewritten or published this elsewhere and I believe from memory of not mistaken so that one might be called Halloween or devilish souls and it could be slightly different than this and they may be beautifully comprised into one perhaps one day if I do find indeed the two are different so that is the state of things as I understand it on this day as I record this which is March 7th 2016.