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Monday, March 7, 2016

Why Did You Do It ? - Poetry - October 30, 1984

Why did you do it... ?

We don't understand,
you took your own life in your own hands.

Why did you do it... ?
I wish I knew,
if I had only known
I could have helped you.

But you're gone now and I feel the shame,
I could have helped you but now I'm to blame.

Oh god I miss you...

But the hurt I can't show,

Why did you do it...

Why did you have to go?

Manic depression drives people insane,

But killing yourself proves no gain. Why did you do it...

I guess I'll never know why,
you didn't talk to us because we wouldn't try.

Now I'll know if someone needs help,
I'll be there,
and show them that friends,
really do care.