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Monday, March 7, 2016

Eroding Slowly Away / Meaning of Value of Greater Things to Certainly Arrive - Poetry / Lyric - MobiusTripz


I'm just a struggling man,

Struggling with a plan,

Seeking love of there so dear,

Hurting again I lose my choice to care.

Friends often to Barry for me,

I hear it from others as well,

When we all as a country are in such hurt,

all I hear them through dead silence,

Is the town's shining mission bell.

Edit to going

It's calling out a song of prayer,

but he seems to listen anymore,

turmoil has found its way once again,

Into my home, entering my own door.

I tried so hard to do what's right,

And keep us safe within,

So I can do my masters work,

The devil flying sneaks right in again.

Patience is tough when its tongue is unleashed,

Slicing like a broad sword with intent,

Different thoughts from different minds,

Deep division eroding away quickly what was once so content.


I swing my sword with damage done,

I felt myself I must defend,

Perhaps I was in the wrong,

Just starting another end.

I felt hurt betrayed misunderstood,

All in the blink of an eye,

Do my ears deceive me,

I'm so upset no tears to cry.

I apologized with no response,

And still may never had been wrong at first,

Because my mind has become more forgetful,

Evil for me thirsts.

I study hard, and wise beyond my age,

And love with no regrets,

Emotions for my love on my sleeve,

This just makes no sense.

It's hard for me not to respond,

When I feel so needlessly attacked,

All because I forget,

Where to purchase the cheapest dog food at!

How does that look on the scales of justice?

It certainly is a drastic shift in balance,

Conceptually on a human playing it makes no common sense,

Often the picture of poor personality displayed,

Through senseless happenstance.

Hello nice it just a room apart,

To the love I desire to be my wife,

With no logical reason for their,

To be such a demonic strike.

Anger does no earthly good,

As I dive deeper into my work,

Escaping what I cannot understand,

Pen flying across the paper I try to stop my hurt.

All I can offer is my better half,

Is a prayer to God right now,

Graves of love dug deeper,

The Devils sinister plow.

Lord hear my world words as always,

Repair our hearts and souls with love,

I love so much I should ever miss a minute passed,

without fiance my angel my sweet ole' turtle dove.

NOTES: from page 1

These are notes for the song that I was working on that this was originally dated December 1st 2010 that is the correct date the date above is incorrect if I read it differently than this.

My questionable title was... What is peace?... As I wallow lonely?

Notes so for the first note I have play acoustic or acoustic light with melancholy sounds so which started out with an a major strike that

Start fresh air

E major and E minor both picked out

Then and A major and A minor both picked out then

E minor, G minor, A minor all sliding up words or slurring if you will.

Suggested bridge

A minor, C minor, a minor parentheses all minors close parentheses


Back to the beginning of the loop and repeat, or something of that nature

Solo melancholy slower and very clearly picked so low so that the song overall feels well after I get the flow of the language correct and work on the basic theme to the song itself to bring it all together so that it is cohesive.