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Monday, March 7, 2016

Anwar Sadat - Poetry - July 10, 1981

I wrote this  in 1981 and keep in mind I was born in 1967  so I was only 13 in the time of writing this .  That can say a lot about perspective and knowledge across the world before the Internet  and all kinds of other things such as propaganda, news, the age that news and terrible tragedy has an effect on all of us, and so many topics  I'm just such a simple snapshot of my youth from July 10th 1981.


Anwar Sadat a man of courage and strength,

His life should have lived a much longer length.

For some stupid Conquest he was shot to his death,

Not to being able to take a peaceful last breath.

The last moments of Sadat's life...

Another lesson taught,

But hopefully the worst will soon be forgot.

His last thought he had we may never find out,

But he is beyond death without a doubt.